Photo Credit : Jeff Goldblum by Anatol Kotte

Anatol Kotte holds exhibition at Concept Store OUKAN in Berlin

On the 7th February 2017, related to the 67th of the Berlinale, the new exhibition of the photographer Anatol Kotte had its opening at the renowned Concept Store OUKAN in Berlin-Mitte. Under the title „Actors“ – the artist presents 18 of his famous portraits of actors, most of them were taken in black and white and they will show the national and international “Mimenriege”. Beside their German colleagues Til Schweiger, Natalia Wörner, Moritz Bleibtreu and Matthias Schweighöfer, many other iconic actors like Jeff Goldblum, Ewan McGregor, Geraldine Chaplin participated.

Anatol Kotte started in 1982 as a photographer's assistant before he attended his freelance work. Previously, Kotte found his passion for portraits and now with 20 years experience – definitely the artist belongs to the premier league of photographer.