CHIC Shanghai September 2019 edition overviewCHIC Shanghai September 2019 edition overviewCHIC Shanghai September 2019 edition overview

CHIC Shanghai September 2019 edition overview

CHIC Shanghai, China’s most important fashion and lifestyle trade fair, successfully closed its September issue on September 27th. On the three days of the fair, almost 700 exhibitors from 10 countries presented themselves to the 45,000 visitors at the NECC in Shanghai on more than 62,000 square meters.

Once again, CHIC has proven to be a constant for the Chinese fashion industry and fashion retail in a rapidly changing market environment. Both Chinese and international exhibitors were satisfied and recorded direct on-site deals and an increase in order-oriented business contacts. They benefited from the extensive range of matching services offered by the trade fair organisers who have focused on optimal visitor management.

The appointment of Wenzhuo Zhao, famous Chinese kung-fu actor, as ambassador for sustainable fashion caused a stir in the re-integrated Sustainability Zone. Likewise, the sustainable hoodie collection of China’s most famous sportswear brand Li Ning, and the visit of blogger and KOL Binger.

Chen Dapeng, President of the CHIC and China National Garment Association draws a positive conclusion from the show: “CHIC is a reflection of the extremely dynamic Chinese apparel market, whose consumers are the fastest to adapt to new trends and tendencies around the world, and all market developments will be reflected at CHIC, with the fair’s service tools geared towards networking among its market partners. The Chinese market is undergoing changes to which it has not been exposed in the last hundred years: a permanently changing society shaped by the younger generation of consumers with the desire for individualization; the technological change, the digitization of the entire production and distribution chain; the increasing social and ecological responsibility of the companies. Challenges that companies have to face and keep pace with. In this environment, CHIC is the reliable basis that is used by all market participants. “