Christopher Raeburn for Save The Duck

Yesterday the Limonaia in Villa Vittoria, Save the Duck celebrated the launch of its luxury capsule collection Recycle, with an exclusive event in partnership with the British designer Christopher Raeburn. Recycle is a menswear project featuring transformation and adaptation along with recycling and technology, crucial elements of life that become fundamental even at an ‘urban’ level. A vision, according to Raeburn and Save the Duck, for sustainability and respect for natural cycles. To do as nature does; imitating it becomes a credible tactic for metropolitan living, taking protection from the weather in the style that has always characterised Save the Duck with layering of garments, heat sealing techniques and the use of high-performance recycled fabrics such as the Plumtech padding, which has always been used as a feather substitute in Save the Duck apparel. Rayburn’s typical military recycling becomes about camouflaging and travel: patchwork, in all the various types of camouflage, creates a down jacket without the down, a garment that has never used animal-based fibres in line with the ‘animal friendly’ ethic central to Save the Duck.

The capsule collection created by Christopher Raeburn will be distributed in the top-100 luxury stores worldwide, through a collaboration from the Tomorrow showroom.