Coterie starts with new floorplan

Coterie starts with new floorplan

Coterie starts again during this season’s NY Market and WeAr is as always live at the show to give you impression of what is happening.

This time, Coterie is positioned as a ‘townhouse style’ split between level three and level one, with Fame, Sole Commerce and Moda positioned adjacent on the upper level three. Beauty@Coterie remains at level three.

Sunday sees the celebration of the Conscious Fashion Campaign Collaboration (as announced in a previous WeAr global network article), with welcome remarks by Elder Gerrod Smith, Shinnecock followed by a introduction by representatives from ReMode and United Nations.


The show is open today until 7pm September 16th from 9-6pm and closing Monday at 5pm at the Jacob Javits Center.

Stay tuned for some impressions by the WeAr team here.

View from the outside

General Impressions


Entrance to Sourcing @ Coterie

Entrance to Fame

Vintage @ Coterie



Beauty @ Coterie