ISKO announces I-SKOOL winners

ISKO I-SKOOL, involving more than 50,000 students from all over the world this year alone, has challenged young students coming from the most important universities worldwide in two contests, one dedicated to designers and one to marketing professionals. Students were asked to create denim outfits in one of three style moods: 

  • Renovated denim icons: starting from an in-depth study of the evolution of denim and a thorough analysis of indigo history, contestants created their own denim icon, a symbol of fashion that never goes out of style. Here the winner was: Anna Biotti (IUAV), awarded by REPLAY 
  • Athleisure: the contest challenged students to create outfits in the mood of the latest fashion trend, a mix between elegance and sports that is changing the everyday approach to style, using the most iconic ISKO fabrics, from ISKO BLUEJYM to ISKO FUTURE FACE, JEGGINGS, ISKO XMEN’S and ISKO BLUE SKIN. Winner: Joona Rautiainen, (Aalto), awarded by MAVI
  • Jool: students had the unique occasion to experiment ISKOTM’s ultimate creation, ISKO JOOL, a new fabric that mixes denim and wool. Very versatile and particularly adaptable to haute couture, this fabric was an exciting challenge for participants. Winner: Ester Rigato (IUAV University), awarded by haikure
  • Overall winner Denim Design Award: Ester Rigato, IUAV.