ISKO hits ReModeISKO hits ReModeISKO hits ReMode

ISKO hits ReMode

ISKO hits ReMode, the LA-based platform promoting growth and sustainability, to foster networking and knowledge sharing by showcasing its active commitment towards responsibility. The leading denim ingredient brand set the agenda with several activities: 

  • Impressive sculptures made of ISKO Earth Fit denim by the artist and fashion designer Lucy James showcased at the ISKO booth.
  • The new Eyether capsule collection, created in collaboration with François Girbaud, was unveiled at the ISKO booth.
  • Garments made of ISKO Arquas innovative fabrics were on display at the Trend Gallery special section.
  • ISKO took part in the “The Future of Denim” panel. Denim with a Conscience – Responsible innovation and ISKO Earth Fit
    Nature, beauty, and responsibility turned into inspiring denim art. ISKO innovative fabrics are the ideal materials to shape into life the mindful creativity of Lucy James, artist and fashion designer: with an experience designing and developing menswear collections, Lucy combines conceptual fashion with art and music and is now creating projects related to sustainability in the fashion and textiles industry.The collaboration with ISKO sparked three nature-inspired denim sculptures – a coral, a wood, and a feathery wing –, which have become the focus of the new ISKO’s “Denim with a Conscience” campaign. These are made entirely of denim fabrics from ISKO Earth Fit, the top-end ISKO collection when it comes to a fully integrated responsible approach and the only one worldwide to have been awarded both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel certifications. The ISKO Earth FitTM line, which embraces articles from all the ISKO collections, uses innovative and responsible fibers such as organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled polyester from PET bottles.

    Responsibility for ISKO goes beyond just using low impact materials, extending to its entire culture and systems. ISKO is the first denim manufacturer in the world to obtain pre-certified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for the Life Cycle Assessment (LCAs) of all its 25,000+ denim fabrics, meaning there is full transparency about the environmental impact of all fabrics in the collection. These EPDs have been used to create independently developed Product Category Rules (PCR), which will help, for the first time ever, to have standardized assessments for denim across the industry.