ISKO the first and only denim mill in the world to receive the certification EU Ecolabel

ISKO and its platform dedicated to sustainability, ISKO EARTH FIT, are the first and only denim mill in the world to have received the prestigious certification EU Ecolabel. This is yet another confirmation of ISKO deep commitment to responsibility that earned it the 2016 Nordic Swan Ecolabel for several products of the ISKO EARTH FIT line.

EU Ecolabel is the official environmental label in the European Union, and is based on a commitment to environmental sustainability. The criteria have been developed and agreed upon by scientists, NGOs and stakeholders to create a credible and reliable way to make environmentally responsible choices.

The ISKO EU Ecolabel products will be launched in May 2017 as part of the new collection. 

“Being conscientious comes from research, attention, deep commitment and pointed awareness about what is happening to our planet” explains Fatih Konukoglu, CEO of ISKO Division and board member of SANKO Group. “Here in ISKO, to produce means to care: care about people, environment, products. This firm belief is the heart of our nurturing approach. We believe in the future: that’s why we continue to invest in protecting our planet”.