Kingpins cancels October 2020 Amsterdam edition

Kingpins cancels October 2020 Amsterdam edition

Kingpins Founder Andrew Olah has announced the cancellation of the trade show’s October 2020 which was meant to take place in Amsterdam.

“This pandemic has forced everyone to make hard and unpleasant choices. Last week I had two difficult decisions to make, one professional and the other personal. First the professional. We needed to decide whether to hold our Kingpins Amsterdam Show in October. The Netherlands is allowing events — albeit with restrictions. We have a venue with plenty of space. And we have experienced and creative partners to help with the show’s logistics. 

But COVID-19 is not a local problem to resolve. It’s global. And it’s not going away, at least not yet, regardless of the laws. We could hold a show in Amsterdam and hope to draw a mix of exhibitors and attendees from much of Europe, but should we ask everyone to come? Do people really want to fly? Do they really want to stay in hotels and enter public places?

That is why our answer to the Amsterdam show in October is, sadly, no. It’s not that we don’t want to return to Amsterdam. We love the city and the show is one of our most successful events. And, we would love to see you all industry friends again in person. But all “desire” is trumped by a lack of confidence in health control and we would never risk the health of our friends and colleagues in the denim community — we are, after all, one big connected denim-loving family. 

I did not make this decision alone. Seven of us voted whether to have Kingpins Amsterdam in October and seven voted not to. The entire Kingpins team reluctantly agreed. It’s awful to drop your best product.”