Local businesses set to challenge Amazon,adding 4bn to High St sales

Ahead of Small Business Saturday (3rd December , retail tech start-up NearSt, which makes finding items in local shops easier than buying on Amazon, has today expanded its offering to consumer electronics, DIY goods, health & beauty products, sportswear, stationery, toys and gift shop services. The astronomical growth in ‘near me’ searches (over 146% year-on-year1) means NearSt are now best placed to revitalise local shops on UK high streets, who can add over £4bn in sales2 by connecting the items they sell to the smartphones of people searching for them nearby.

NearSt’s technology, called NearLive, enables any shop to set-up and start selling real-time inventory to shoppers through its website/app and directly in Google Search in less than 10 minutes. Shoppers simply search for something they want, see where it's in stock nearby, and in a few taps order it for 1-hour delivery or instant collection.