MICAM upcoming edition in February 2019

MICAM upcoming edition in February 2019

Only a few more months to go until the next MICAM, the international footwear show coming up at Fiera Milano (Rho) February 10 through 13 next year. Following a number of initiatives around the world intended to establish contact between Italian footwear makers and the world’s biggest markets, MICAM prepares to come back to Italy in an event-packed show with a bold personality.

There are plenty of preparations underway for this important event, and a number of strategies are being put in place behind the scenes which – just like a pair of top quality shoes – combine a knack for understanding the demands of the market with plenty of imagination and creativity, indispensable traits for anticipating trends in consumption with an innovative charge.

In order to offer the best possible response to the demands of the companies and professional dealers, MICAM has organised an in-depth analysis of its exhibitor database, in line with its visitor profiling initiative, comparing the figures collected over the past six editions of the event (from February 2016 to September 2018).

The analysis had four key goals: mapping exhibitors’ categories, origins, interest, and frequency of participation in the event (identifying faithful returning exhibitors and new exhibitors); coming up with actions for promoting the event (such as new marketing, promotion and retention programmes focusing on the various different exhibitor clusters identified); improving a number of organisational aspects (the layout of the pavilions and stands); and comparing analysis of the MICAM exhibitor dashboard with the results of customer satisfaction surveys.

Art, the creativity that will be the key to MICAM 87, shifts the focus from the conflicting “sinful” sentiments associated with the covetous desire to possess a pair of quality shoes to the object itself. The slogan “Be inspired by Art, ye who enter” underlines the discovery of the object as work of art, a template for joy and completeness for all those capable of appreciating it, bringing new life to everything around it.