MICAM February 2020 edition with special area for Emerging Designers

MICAM February 2020 edition with special area for Emerging Designers

MICAM Milano, the International Footwear Show, will be back at Fiera Milano Rho February 16 till 19, 2020 with a special area set aside for Emerging Designers, offering young creative artists a unique opportunity to present their styles in the prestigious setting of the international show and confirming the trend toward renewal of the footwear sector.

The younger generations play an increasingly important role in determining the trends among consumers today, and also represent an important turning point for the footwear industry. This is why the International Footwear Show once again turns the spotlight on the creations of 12 young new talents in the industry, selected by a panel of experts and showcased in a special space at the event where they will introduce footwear makers and buyers to their surprising new style intuitions.

The creative designers featured in the Emerging Designers space at MICAM 89 will be: Annabelle Tsitsin with her A BY ANABELLE brand (Israel); Ines Martin- Borregon of ALOHAS SANDALS (Spain); Marouane Haial with CONTRE ALLÉE (Morocco); Marco Contigiani, Leonardo and Aldo D’Autilio with DEPLACÉ (Italy); Rodrigo with the DOTZ brand (Brazil); Diàna Polgàr with DYAN (Hungary); Emanuele Coppari presenting LES JEUX DU MARQUIS (Italy); Matteo Maiorano with MAIORANO (Italy); Asfales Rowland presenting PIJAK BUMI (Indonesia); Masamitsu Hata and Pierre Rivière of TIMOTHÉE PARIS (France); Xin-Yu Weng of the WXY brand (Taiwan); and Umberto De Marco of YATAY (Italy).

The styles proposed by the young designers range from pop citations to study of classic forms and from the metropolitan atmospheres of electronic music to rediscovery of natural and recycled materials, put to use in surprising new fashion concepts. There are plenty of truly unusual experiments and original new versions of the styles that have made the history of footwear design.

Coterie co-locates with key shows in New York

Coterie co-locates with key shows in New York

Uniting four distinct shows, COTERIE, FAME, SOLE COMMERCE and MODA —The COTERIE Marketplace brings together all categories of women’s fashion under one roof, in the heart of Hudson Yards.

Every February and September, The COTERIE Marketplace anchors the New York market and kicks off the global sales calendar for the new season.

This February, CHILDREN’S CLUB—Elevated Lifestyle Collections for Children, is colocated with COTERIE, FAME, SOLE COMMERCE and MODA at the Jacob Javits Center, NYC.

Geoffrey B. Small’s AW 2020: Just another Boston guy

Geoffrey B. Small’s AW 2020: Just another Boston guy

Hey Geoffrey B. Small presented his 110th collection in Paris entitled “just another Boston guy” dedicated to the style and art of Ric Ocasek former band leader of the The Cars during the AW2020 men’s week. The 43 outfit extreme handmade rocker collection featured the American designer’s superflux sustainable concepts in pure cashmere, wool, linen, cotton and silk all made in Italy at the designer’s  independent Cavarzere workrooms, as well as a 100 thousand euro supercoat made from Fratelli Piacenza 1733’s pure Vicunya fabric and the all-new titanium monocoque handmade collaboration sunglasses created by Ti Kwa and Rigards for Geoffrey B. Small. The very exclusive collection is currently carried in about 25 of the world’s top directional men’s designer clothing stores. Geoffrey B. Small is an American designer originally from Boston, who now lives and works in Italy. 

Jean-Paul Gaultier announces his final fashion show

Jean-Paul Gaultier announces his final fashion show

Jean-Paul Gaultier had announced that his next fashion, will be his last one. On the designer’s Instagram page, he announced that he has a new concept in store and said ‘This show celebrating 50 years of my career will also be my last. But rest assured Haute Couture will continue with a new concept.’

MICAM to present Players District area at upcoming edition in February 2020

MICAM to present Players District area at upcoming edition in February 2020

After its highly successful debut, the PLAYERS DISTRICT – the area specifically created inside MICAM Milano to provide the variegated world of outdoor and sports shoes with its own exclusive space – will be back at the forthcoming edition of the international trade show, to be held at the Fiera Milano from 16 to 19 February 2020.

The PLAYERS DISTRICT is a clear reflection of market trends which indicate that the sports footwear segment is expanding rapidly. A further consolidation, therefore, following an increase of over 5% in both expenditure and quantity recorded at the end of 2018. Along with sneakers, the sports sector is the only one to show an increase in sales on the domestic market, which has been undergoing a long period of stagnation. Figures provided by the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) regarding exports of Italian sports shoes are also positive: in the first 9 months of 2019, in fact, Italy exported 11.8 million pairs, amounting in value to 645.4 million Euros (with a tendential increase of 9.5% and 6.7% respectively). Extending the analysis to the European Union as a whole, according to Eurostat the 28 member States exported more than 200 million pairs (considering trade flows both within and outside the EU) in the same period, for a total of 6.3 billion Euros; this was in line with January-September 2018 levels, although trade flows towards non-EU countries showed an increase of 5.5% in volume and 15.3% in value. Assocalzaturifici has been monitoring trends regarding this type of footwear for some time and has set up this area both to demonstrate the importance of this specific segment and provide manufacturers and buyers in the field with an exclusive area in which to do business.

At the September edition of MICAM, when the Players District made its debut, sports shoes were in fact amongst the products most dealt-in at the fair, attracting 8.5% of buyers’ attention (in particular, amongst the visitors interested in this type of product, 34% were looking for men’s sports shoes and 40% for women’s). Remaining in the field of sports and outdoor shoes, it is worth mentioning that 16% of interest in this segment was concentrated on “Trekking and outdoor footwear” (37% menswear and 37% womenswear).

As far as the business aspect is concerned, therefore, the next edition of the PLAYERS DISTRICT will once again undoubtedly represent an important vantage point from which to observe this constantly changing market, as well as providing all those in the trade, dealers and retailers, with a unique business opportunity. Once again, the layout’s central feature will be The Arena, an area dedicated to demonstrating all the variegated types of sports footwear “in action”, through a series of performances and dynamic events perfectly in tune with the spirit of this commodity segment. So, to recap: the not-to-be-missed appointment with the PLAYERS DISTRICT for dealers and companies operating in the sector is confirmed for the forthcoming edition of MICAM Milano, from 16 to 19 February 2020.

Stella McCartney to release biodegradable denim in May 2020

Photo Credit :https://www.instagram.com/stellamccartney/

Stella McCartney to release biodegradable denim in May 2020

The British designer Stella McCartney will be releasing biodegradable denim in May 2020 with a special collection for its Autumn/Winter 2020 collection. The development and release of this type of denim is in part of McCartney’s commitment to the sustainable fabrics innovation.

The fashion industry as a whole has been addressing the issue of how large of a carbon footprint the fashion industry leaves. Many brands are working to manufacture and create their pieces in a more environment friendly way. McCartney utilizes the Coreva Stretch Technology along with using plant-based yarns to create her biodegradable denim.

When denim is made using the Coreva Stretch Technology it is safe and toxic-free compared to the normal way to produce jeans. There is no use of toxic dyes or chemicals to make one pair of jeans. The Coreva Stretch Technology uses organic cotton wrapped around a rubber core and uses less water consumption. McCartney furthered her sustainable efforts by teaming up with Candiani to have the denim pieces made from plant-based yarns. This utilizes a renewable resource while also maintaining the denim’s biodegradable and compostable material.

Panorama Berlin brings ‘Rebel with A Cause’ mission to its 15th edition

Panorama Berlin brings ‘Rebel with A Cause’ mission to its 15th edition

With the clear mission “REBEL WITH A CAUSE”, the 15th edition of fashion fair Panorama Berlin took place this week – for the first time at Tempelhof Airport. Together with SELVEDGE RUN & ZEITGEIST which was held under the same roof as Panorama Berlin, the event confidently presented itself as a strong stage for new inspiration and concepts. There has been a lot of anticipation surrounding the new location and several thousands of visitors made their way to the historic venue today.

In the run-up to the event, the team of organisers have been calling for a collective uprising against the “keep going as we have been” mentality and set itself the goal of coming up with a new event concept with innovative concepts that shift the focus onto the consumers. On an area of around 20,000 m2, visitors to Tempelhof’s AIRFIELD and HANGARS 5 and 6 could find brands with relevance and strong messages, as well as on-point brand presentations and limited editions.

Along with PANORAMA BERLIN and SELVEDGE RUN & ZEITGEIST, the NEONYT Trade Fair has also made the move to Tempelhof, where it occupied Hangar 4 and additional areas. This resulted in a strong offer coming together under one roof at Tempelhof.

In the words of Jörg Wichmann, Panorama Berlin’s CEO: “We are impressed by the start here at Tempelhof and have literally been inundated with visitors. The efforts and hard work of everyone involved over the last three months have now paid off. We have launched a strong event concept and come a long way in responding to the industry’s wish to bring various platforms together in one location. Tempelhof is the coolest event location in Europe and opens up all possibilities of a “central fashion hub” in terms of its usage and extension possibilities. Ms Tillmann is wrong in that respect; with a well-curated concept there is plenty of space at Tempelhof for Premium. A perfect mix of brands that will impress the market on one platform is definitely possible here.”

Burberry launches Chinese New Year 2020 campaignBurberry launches Chinese New Year 2020 campaignBurberry launches Chinese New Year 2020 campaignBurberry launches Chinese New Year 2020 campaign

Burberry launches Chinese New Year 2020 campaign

Burberry has launched its new Chinese New Year 2020 campaign and collection which is a vibrant celebration in red- heralding joy, health and happiness for the year of the rat.

Shot by Shanghai Photographer Leslie Zhang, the campaign stars Zhou Dongyu, Llang Jiyuan and He Cong, captured in a series of intimate poses dressed in Riccardo Tisci’s Chinese New Year Capsule Collection. House codes meet vivid shades of red, a symbol of joy, vitality and prosperity, in a series of modern silhouettes. From refined tailoring to sports-influenced separates and fresh iterations of the iconic Burberry sneaker (The Union) and the infamous Runway Bag (The Lola)

Burberry’s Chinese New Year collection includes a limited-edition Thomas Burberry Monogram motif, inspired by the Chinese zodiac and animated with an original illustration in honour of the Year of the Rat, which appears throughout.

Joop Womenswear AW 20/21

Joop Womenswear AW 20/21




The lifestyle brand JOOP! reported yet another significant double-digit increase in sales in the first quarter of 2019. After the successful development of the JOOP! Menswear and the reintroduction of the casual line JOOP! JEANS, we are now seeing the launch of JOOP! Women.


“We feel the desirability of the label among end consumers and the trust of retailers in the JOOP! brand.

This is why the launch of JOOP! Women now for the natural further development of the brand. We see enormous growth potential here. The new collection is eagerly awaited and our retail partners have already shown keen interest,” says Thorsten Stiebing, the Managing Brand Director


JOOP! Women will present a new sexiness based on the brand’s DNA: feminine, urban and self-confident with a clear focus on high quality. The forerunners of this can already be seen in JOOP! Bags, which are among the most successful models on the market. In addition, JOOP! Jewellery and JOOP! Watches were successfully launched this year, and JOOP! Bodywear will follow in Fall 2019. The launch of JOOPI Women is planned for autumn / winter 2020/21 and will be accompanied by extensive marketing measures.


Anke Ratzsch will be the Brand Director of the JOOP! Womenswear from fall / winter 2020. She is not new to The Holy Fashion Group: after several management positions at internationally known premium Brands like Hugo Boss and Akris, Ratzch worked as a brand director for windsor since 2014. “With Anke Ratzsch, I am convinced JOOP! will be able to win women. With  her many years of successful sales and management work, Ms Ratzsch not only brings experience but also foresight necessary to make JOOP! an international lifestyle brand. The successor for the sales management at windsor women has already been arranged and the new structure will be announced in a timely manner”, says Marcel Braun, CEO of the Holy Fashion Group. In the course of the realignment at JOOP! Women, the design team will also be reorganized. The first focus is on premium wholesale in the D / A / CH market as well as international trade, and JOOP! Women is also sold through its own stores and through the JOOP! Online shop.


Paul & Shark – save the sea

Paul & Shark – save the sea

The Paul & Shark Autumn Winter 2020 collection expresses the brand’s authentic spirit through advanced technologies, materials of the highest quality and a highly topical design, to achieve unmatched performance.

The same technical expertise and strategic vision that give victories at sea are reflected in the quality of the materials and the expert techniques used by Paul & Shark to offer garments with a functional and refined style.

The brand expresses its loyalty to the pivotal element of its imagination, the sea, through a collection with an eco-sustainable approach, aimed at respecting the environment and reducing the impact on planet. The ambitious goal was to produce at least 50% of the collection with recycled and environmental friendly materials; the challenge has been met.


SAVE THE SEA TYPHOON: performance and sustainability

The raw material of the fabrics engineered by Paul & Shark is derived from recycled elements including post-consumer plastic bottles that pollute the seas. The result is a

fabric that guarantees thermal insulation, waterproof insulation and protection from the wind, comfort and lightness, while also limiting negative impacts on the environment.


The iconic Peacoat has been made from recycled wool for the first time. The Eco Wool reduces CO2 emissions, toxic emissions from incinerators, intensive exploitation of sheep and of the land used for grazing. The Peacoat is also treated with BIONIC-FINISH technology.

7 DEN X 1000 FP

These materials are among the most innovative: the 7 denier microfiber in 100% nylon meets the goose down 1000 power fill, the warmest available today. Nylon and goose down are the perfect union to maintain body heat and ensure isolation from water and cold.


Outerwear in the collection is filled with recycled feathers. A “new life” of the raw material leaves its softness and technical characteristics intact.


This all the wool knitwear and outerwear collection uses certified Cruelty Free fabrics from Tasmania. Paul & Shark has selected the Beaufront estate for wool sourcing, one of the best producers in the world that guarantees the high quality and traceability of its fibers.