NEONYT Summer 2021 / Fashionsustain: digitisation and dialogue

NEONYT Summer 2021 / Fashionsustain: digitisation and dialogue

From A for “avatar” to Z for “zero impact” – during Neonyt’s Fashionsustain conference from 6 to 8 July 2021, the status quo of the textiles and fashion sector was examined, innovation drivers identified and scope for action for the retail sector defined. The multidisciplinary conference streamed more than 20 hours of inspiration and insights, panel discussions and fashion deep-dives live from the FFW Studio. Participants included Grüner Knopf, Oeko-Tex, PwC and the Transformers Foundation.

The digital transformation is accelerating across the entire textile and fashion industry at an unprecedented pace. This is requiring everyone involved to adopt a more agile mindset in order to be able to adapt in disruptive environments. Holistic thinking is required – with regard to production standards, but also when it comes to the inclusion of the most diverse target groups. Fashion is a form of expression and identity. It is about political statements and a reflection of social issues.

“Even though we have certainly been noticing a sense of digital fatigue after three seasons online, there was no sign of it whatsoever during Fashionsustain,” said Thimo Schwenzfeier, Show Director of Neonyt. “Digitalisation is shaping a sustainable future and therefore also the international fashion scene; it is opening up brand-new synergies for the textile and fashion industry and extending the scope – as proven by the experts at Fashionsustain.”

Stone Island Shadow Project AW’021’022Stone Island Shadow Project AW’021’022Stone Island Shadow Project AW’021’022Stone Island Shadow Project AW’021’022

Stone Island Shadow Project AW’021’022

Stone Island Shadow Project AW’021’022_ Chapter 1 pursues the ongoing mission of evolving the conception of contemporary menswear.

In responding to the present and anticipating future world scenarios, the evolution of Stone Island Shadow Project wants to serve the wearer.

The two collection Chapters are deliberate product curations to support two seasons, and are engineered by function and material research to serve through the transition from a hot to a cold climate.

The Chapters also allow the exploration of colors point of views within head to toe looks; by developing shades of color, as a refined approach to emphasize the idea of an authentic wardrobe.

Levi Strauss acquires Beyond Yoga

Levi Strauss acquires Beyond Yoga

Levi Strauss & Co has announced it is to buy US-based premium athletic and lifestyle apparel brand Beyond Yoga for an undisclosed sum as it steps into the high-growth activewear segment.

The US denim giant said the move will help diversify its business and will “provide substantial net revenue opportunity over time through channel, geographic, gender and category expansion”.

Hugo Boss: We love fashion and we will change fashionHugo Boss: We love fashion and we will change fashionHugo Boss: We love fashion and we will change fashionHugo Boss: We love fashion and we will change fashion

Hugo Boss: We love fashion and we will change fashion

Today, Daniel Grieder, previous CEO Tommy Hilfiger and PVH Europe and now CEO at Hugo Boss, presented his strategy for the future of Hugo Boss, making Olympic references and claims back the brand’s lead at the top of the fashion pyramid. His battle quote being: “We love fashion and we will change fashion!”.

Grieder plans to revamp the company’s branding, its digital strategy and have a strong focus on the product with sustainability at its core.

With his new strategy he targets to reach 4 billion euros by 2025, doubling the company’s sales with a clear focus on increasing the brand’s perception with the young generation: GenZ, Millenials and Gen Alpha.

The new strategy focusses on the main brands: HUGO and BOSS. The latter will continue focussing on quality suits in the affordable luxury category, with fantastic fits and sustainable materials whereas HUGO will target a younger generation with streetwear, designs fitting to the influencer generation and colorful designs. 

Overall however, the brand will position itself more inclusive and aware of current topics: creating a better world, diversity and inclusion will be at its centre. Including even a unisex suit as part of the BOSS line. In terms of colorways the brand will adapt to black, camel and white colors. The BOSS camel collection will be a high-end made-to-measure collection.

Grieder also remarked that the brand could venture into new segments: make-up, homeware and even drinks in the future to complement its lifestyle image.

In terms of branding Grieder will move into Hugo Boss’ future with clear messages: “HUGO for glory” or “A BOSS meets a boss” – focussing on celebrity and lifestyle partnerships.

He particularly also highlighted the importance of the womenswear business and that it needs a boost. As such he wants to increase womenswear visibility across all consumer touchpoint starting with its own stores and wholesale parters. As such it seems as if Grieder will have a strong focus on wholesale and wants to increase Hugo Boss’ wholesale distribution which was traditionally strong but decreased in recent years.

Of course, as a master for digital strategy this will not be left out. As such he highlighted that experience is in the middle of the new strategy, given that Millennials will value experiences over owning material things. As such he will creative a new store design that will be ‘cool’ and professional but most of all data-driven in order to provide optimal and unique customer service. “The power of data is that it is more precise, quicker and smarter.”. Grieder wants to create a premium tech-driven fashion platform worldwide with Hugo Boss and be amongst the top 100 global brands by 2025.



LVMH Prize for young fashion designers date of the 2021 final

LVMH Prize for young fashion designers date of the 2021 final

Following the success of its digital semi-final, LVMH has announced that the final of the 8th edition of the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers will take place on Tuesday, 7th September 2021 at the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

Last year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the final of the 7th edition of the LVMH Prize was cancelled and the €300,000 award was divided equally among the eight finalists of the 2020 edition.

On 7th September, the Jury will decide between the nine finalists and award the 2021 LVMH Prize, as well as the Karl Lagerfeld/Special Jury Prize, a tribute to the great designer and former member of the Jury who passed away in February 2019.

Selfridges reportedly up for sale

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Selfridges reportedly up for sale

The owners of iconic British department store Selfridges have reportedly put the business up for sale.

The Weston family has kicked off a formal auction of Selfridges and has called in advisers from investment bank Credit Suisse who will “imminently” send out information memoranda to prospective buyers.

Two or three suitors have already expressed interest, but no formal bid had been made, sources told The Times.

Modebusiness Award 2021 goes to Heiko Wunder

Modebusiness Award 2021 goes to Heiko Wunder

At THE SKY in the Dreischeibenhaus, fashion pioneer and sustainability mastermind Heiko Wunder was presented with the Fashion Business Award on Sunday evening, July 25. For the Düsseldorf native, the state capital is not only the center of his life, but also the think tank and nucleus of his national success concept: his fashion brand “wunderwerk”. His commitment and enthusiasm for a fully sustainable lifestyle and the combination of trend-conscious and at the same time environmentally neutral fashion, which is celebrating great successes nationally, are the decisive factors for honoring him with the award. Mayor Dr. Stephan Keller welcomed 100 guests from the fashion industry to the award ceremony, which is the seventh time that the state capital of Düsseldorf has honored trendsetters in the fashion business.

The presentation of the Fashion Business Award took place this summer for the first time as part of the Düsseldorf Fashion Days – Festival Edition, which presented order and trade events as well as shopping events and fashion shows throughout the city from July 21 to 28, 2021.

NOBIS introduces Michael Kerr as new Design Director

NOBIS introduces Michael Kerr as new Design Director

Canadian premium outerwear brand Nobis celebrates its 15th Anniversary and presents its AW21 collection, design debut by the new designated Design Director, Michael Kerr.

With the AW21, collection Michael Kerr improved his experience combinig traditional tailoring and premium functionality. Kerr worked in the design team of different companies, both Canadian and international, such as Roots, Nike, Canada Goose and The North Face.

“This idea of innovation –– of making things that are crafted, not just mass-produced –– it’s crucial” he says. “Our strategy for upcoming designs? Sleek, expertly tailored pieces created for a customer that values quality over quantity and sustainability over fast fashion. I think we’re all very excited about this new generation. They want the best in class but are also minimalist. Instead of 20 mediocre jackets crowding the closet, you acquire three that work for everything”, says Michael.

“When designing outerwear, you’re making something that has to work with the person who will wear it. The goal is a jacket that allows you to go about your day in comfort, never thinking beyond ‘wow, this looks and feels great on me,’ but maybe this jacket has a membrane that allows it to breathe or perhaps it’s water repellent. The jacket might have a gusset that opens and closes to increase comfort. What we’re crafting is technical outerwear, meaning each piece works like a machine designed to increase its wearability, even without any mechanical parts.”

Louis Vuitton presents “THE GAME” for its 200th birthday of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton presents “THE GAME” for its 200th birthday of Louis Vuitton

The game is a quest to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Louis. The gamer, in a shape of a Vivienne lives a quest. He/she encounters along the way enigmas (the anecdotes) and collects points. Points collected enable skin changes and unlock other digital goodies.

This art-forwarded adventure platform game created by French fashion house and luxury brand Louis Vuitton features the distinct monogrammed flower character Vivienne.

Join Vivienne on her travels as she journeys to seven vibrant locations across the globe in search of 200 collectible candles to celebrate Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday. Each candle unlocks fascinating stories about the history and brand of Louis Vuitton
Take your time and explore the iconic fashion and art integrated into this stunning game. Moving through worlds inspired by Paris, London, Beijing, Tokyo, New York, and more as you compete against your friends on a global leaderboard to see who can collect all 200 stories in celebration of the momentous occasion.

Our hero, Vivienne, was born just a few years ago and still has a lot to learn about the world. Since this year in Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday, it’s time for Vivienne to pick up her roots and go on an adventure. On the road ahead, the House’s origib story will be discovered and each anecdote experienced will award Vivienne a gift to take on the adventure. All the gifts collected will be presented at the end on the game for a special celebration of the 200th birthday.

#MICAMTALES project: MICAM glass slipper the second fairy tale

#MICAMTALES project: MICAM glass slipper the second fairy tale

Following the success of the previous award-winning edition, the international footwear fair MICAM – due to take place at the Fiera Milano Rho from 19-21 September – will continue the #micamtales communication campaign with a second fairy-tale: MICAM Glass Slipper.

In particular, the story chosen to represent this precise moment in time, when the footwear sector is full of renewed vigour in the wake of the pandemic, is that of the famous glass slipper.

“At a time when there is an overwhelming desire to restart, to begin dreaming once again – says Siro Badon, MICAM Chair – we chose one of the world’s most famous fairy-tales, because of the message of hope it contains”.

As happened with the previous “MICAM in Wonderland” theme, the fantasy world of “MICAM Glass Slipper” will accompany visitors to the trade show over the coming 3 editions of MICAM, focusing on three key moments in the tale. In September 2021 (Spring/Summer) the first chapter, “Glamorous disaster”, will show the protagonist unsuccessfully trying to create an outfit for the Ball on her own; in the second chapter, “the enchanted gown”, in February 2022 (Autumn/Winter), we will be drawn, spell-bound, into the magical moment that culminates in the creation of the enchanted dream shoes; and lastly, in September 2022 (Spring/Summer) the third chapter, “the Ball”, will focus on the quintessential fairy-tale Ball and the loss of the iconic glass slipper. Three increasingly intense moments that symbolise the creative process: first you strive to create something, perhaps making mistakes in the attempt; then you obtain the perfect result and, finally, you show it off on the most propitious occasion.