Botier presents its new collection: Eyes Wide Shut

Botier presents its new collection: Eyes Wide Shut

Botier, founded by Marina Botier in 2014, embodies the history of the gold and diamond industry in Belgium, the luxury of Moscow and the fast-paced life of New York. All the three cities, experienced first-hand by Marina Botier, have resulted in a line which creates timeless pieces created for the modern woman. Furthermore Botier is fueled by influences and inspiration from around the world, striving to be a global brand attracting women and men with all different backgrounds.

Each Botier piece can be recognised by it’s craftsmanship and high quality diamonds which can only be found in the ateliers in Antwerp. Authenticity and quality are key to create the said timeless pieces. Each piece is handcrafted and designed with a clear vision of what it represents for the individual wearer. Every piece is made from 18 ct. gold and is set with diamonds and precious stones straight from the diamond city.

The newest Botier collection ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, features a new type of double ring, earrings and chokers. The double rings are set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and different kinds of precious stones. The particular setting gives the ring an impression of having a set of eyes.  

The collection was first presented during Paris Fashion Week and has since proven to be very successful. The designs have been picked up by various high-end retailers all around the world.

ISKO the first and only denim mill in the world to receive the certification EU Ecolabel

ISKO the first and only denim mill in the world to receive the certification EU Ecolabel

ISKO and its platform dedicated to sustainability, ISKO EARTH FIT, are the first and only denim mill in the world to have received the prestigious certification EU Ecolabel. This is yet another confirmation of ISKO deep commitment to responsibility that earned it the 2016 Nordic Swan Ecolabel for several products of the ISKO EARTH FIT line.

EU Ecolabel is the official environmental label in the European Union, and is based on a commitment to environmental sustainability. The criteria have been developed and agreed upon by scientists, NGOs and stakeholders to create a credible and reliable way to make environmentally responsible choices.

The ISKO EU Ecolabel products will be launched in May 2017 as part of the new collection. 

“Being conscientious comes from research, attention, deep commitment and pointed awareness about what is happening to our planet” explains Fatih Konukoglu, CEO of ISKO Division and board member of SANKO Group. “Here in ISKO, to produce means to care: care about people, environment, products. This firm belief is the heart of our nurturing approach. We believe in the future: that’s why we continue to invest in protecting our planet”.

Lardini & Gabriele Pasini open first flagship store in Milan

Lardini & Gabriele Pasini open first flagship store in Milan

Lardini has opened its first Italian flagship store in Milan. After the recent openings in Seul, Busan and Deagu in Korea, Xi’An in China and important international corners, Lardini now strengthens its footing on the international market with its first direct point of sale in Italy, by choosing the heart of the high-class Fashion District of Milan in via Gesù 21, otherwise known as the gentleman’s street. 

With a sales area of 300 sq. m. located on two floors, the flagship store will carry both collections of the fashion group from the town of Filottrano: Lardini and Gabriele Pasini – the namesake line from the designer who has already two single-brand stores, one in Modena (Italy) and another in Los Angeles. 

“This boutique has a special meaning for us. For some time now, we have felt the need for to showcase the fruits of our creativity in a city which is the capital of international and Italian shopping.” said Andrea Lardini, chairman of Lardini.

ISKO nominated as Turkey’s ’National Public Champion’ in European Business Awards

ISKO nominated as Turkey’s ’National Public Champion’ in European Business Awards

ISKO has been nominated as Turkey’s ’National Public Champion’ in the 2017 European Business Awards. Until March 1st 2017, will be open on the EBA official website, where voters can watch ISKO’s video on their unique approach to business. It’s an opportunity to discover closely the company’s identity, strongly characterized by actions that carry out responsible innovation, environmental protection and social commitment. 

ISKO is also participating in the special category “Award for Environmental and Corporate Sustainability”, that will be assigned during the Gala with the final decision of the prestigious jury consisting of several former Prime ministers, CEO’s and. Managing Directors.

“We are immensely proud to present our approach to the world. As you will see on the video that we made for this competition and entered into the category of Environmental & Corporate Sustainability, our guiding goal is to produce value through an effective combination of production performance, responsibility and sustainability. This goal is surely challenging, but I see that our daily hard work and positive results testify to our efforts”, claims Fatih Konukoglu, President of ISKOTM Division and board member of SANKO Group, echoed by Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director of SANKO/ISKO division.

Joop! Jeans x Candiani collaborate on Capsule collection

Joop! Jeans x Candiani collaborate on Capsule collection

Joop! Jeans has collaborated with Candiani on a unique Capsule collection. The inspiration was a special project of Candiani where its staff members participated: each of them received a raw denim with the instruction to wear them for 6 months during their daily work at Candiani. After the half year, the results were authentic used denim with individual wear and tear designs. Joop! Jeans transferred these unique designs onto three slim-fit models. The latter consist of class five-pockets, well-thought out cuts with tapered legs and of course, authentic washes (such as whiskers, stonewash, destroys, tacking, brushing, tinting and indigo dyeing).

Etro opens boutique in Shanghai

Etro opens boutique in Shanghai

ETRO has recently opened its Etro boutique in Shanghai, located at Plaza 66. The 150 square metre boutique offers Etro menswear, womenswear and accessories collections. The interior epitomises the latest generation of Etro boutiques. The interior is characterised by sophisticated white marble, bright golden shelves and walls conceived in a warm gray, enhancing the bright tones of the furniture. 

The new boutique represents the world of Etro, synonymous with “Made in Italy”. High-quality materials, natural fibres are embellished by original designs and innovative colours, embodying the brand ideal. 

Stone Island S/S 2017: Hand Corrosion

Stone Island S/S 2017: Hand Corrosion

For S/S 2017, Stone Island used an artisan process with corrosive paste that makes garments unique and unrepeatable. Garments are dyed with special recipes and then faded by hand with a corrosive paste. The nbsp;Stone Island badge is attached to the pieces during the manual fading and features the same corrosion marks. Residual dye remaining on the surface highlights the architecture of the garments.

This artisan process – applied on outerwear pieces made in military-derived cotton satin, and on knits, sweatshirts and bottoms – is what creates the unique effect on each individual piece.

Cristina Gavioli celebrates 30th anniversaryCristina Gavioli celebrates 30th anniversaryCristina Gavioli celebrates 30th anniversary

Cristina Gavioli celebrates 30th anniversary

Cristina Gavioli was founded in 1986 as a result of the meeting between Giuseppe Bertani and fashion designer Cristina Gavioli. It was the beginning of a partnership which combined passion and creativity; something the brand is known for till the present day. With production based on fine quality Italian craftsmanship, year after year, Cristina Gavioli has approached the large export market, creating a close-knit commercial network that boasts partners from Europe to the United States and from Russia to Asia.

Most recently the brand celebrated their 30th anniversary with a party in Italy a few days before leaving to showcase at PREMIUM Berlin. The presentation of their 2017-18 winter collection at PREMIUM was successfully received from local and international buyers alike.

WeAr reports live from Who’s Next and Premiere ClasseWeAr reports live from Who’s Next and Premiere ClasseWeAr reports live from Who’s Next and Premiere Classe

WeAr reports live from Who’s Next and Premiere Classe

Etienne Cochet, General Manager of Who’s Next and Premiere Classe, has opened the show saying: “There is an uplifting attitude in Paris as a whole and one can feel this positive atmosphere on our show. People are buying here and we still offer a return on investment for our exhibitors.”

There are a number of novelties introduced in this season’s show.

This year’s Who’s Next is under the Girl Squad theme to represent and highlight Generation Z with its girl's squad. This new consumer group is reinventing clothes, which can be seen throughout fashion and accessories. They are more positive and have an increased community thinking. At the same time, they are harder to understand for brands. Who’s Next continuously assists retailers and brands alike with conferences and guides to better understand and target this all important target group, which is the consumer of the future. All conferences can be followed on their Facebook page live.

New pop-up stores throughout the show’s halls display especially home and lifestyle items. The aim was to highlight consumer worlds and connect B2B with B2C.

Together with Parisian streetwear retailer Citadium, the organization called for application for young designers and offered 10 of them space at the show but also at the retailer itself. That way the brands can experience B2B and B2C. The show aims also for the September show to minimize the gap between B2B and B2C.

Sylvie Pourrat, Show Director of Premiere Classe, highlighted that in the accessory segment, the classical trade show segment is not enough anymore. “We are right now in the progress to find new solutions. For now, we have created new layouts, creating new pathways through the shows but also different booth models to let the designer’s creativity flow freely. We highlighted accessories within the Urban hall to offer new formats to our exhibitors. An example is Mellow Yellow, which is presenting within Premiere Classe as well as in the Trendy area of Who’s Next, to link both, fashion and accessory, segments together. This is making the journey for buyers easier and their shop more dynamic. We want to help buyers to find new products and merchandise.”

In terms of brands, 70% are international, notably a big amount from Italy but also from India and South Korea, displaying highly creative collections at approachable prices.

Mixed within established brands are young talents to offer retailers an optimal brand portfolio to satisfy consumer’s demand for both – commercial brands but also individual outfits.

New features for buyers specifically are welcome desks, personal shopping for retailers, as well as frequently asked questions published two weeks prior to the show’s start. Topics such as activewear, big sizes, shoes and leatherware including price points and other buyer-relevant information are covered. There is also an easy to sell selection at affordable prices and good margins at the entrance of hall 7.1 where retailers can buy SS17 items and expect delivery within three weeks. Also introduced is a curvy section partnered with a blogger specialised in cool bigger sized brands. 

WeAr has cooperated with Who's Next – visit us in the Retail Expert Lounge. 

CORDURA and Woolrich team up on revival of 90s Wool-Dura Collection for 21st Century Outerwear

CORDURA and Woolrich team up on revival of 90s Wool-Dura Collection for 21st Century Outerwear

In the early 1990s, INVISTA’s CORDURA brand and Woolrich, America’s Original Outdoor Clothing Company, collaborated to create Wool-Dura, a specialty blend of iconic Woolrich wool and nylon 6,6 CORDURA fabric used in hunting apparel. 

Now, the two are back together for the 50th anniversary of the CORDURA  brand with a newly reimagined Wool-Dura collection, taking inspiration from its hunting-centric predecessor while adding a modern, cross-functional twist. Wool-Dura is an authentic fabric that combines the durability of CORDURA fibre and the natural properties of Woolrich wool, produced in the historic Woolrich Woolen Mill, to create strong, enduring garments for the authentic outdoor lifestyle. The latest line of products featuring Wool-Dura fabrics are inspired by its hunting heritage, but are designed to function in both outdoor and urban environments. In addition to signature Wool-Dura fabrics, the collection also includes a coat, cap and blanket – all designed with a modern fit, style and attitude in mind. 

The Wool-Dura collection will be available immediately and signature garments available in Fall 2017.