Lenzing stars at the Oscars and presents Eco Pure technology

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Lenzing stars at the Oscars and presents Eco Pure technology

Lenzing, famous for its TENCEL fiber, dressed the stars at the Oscars this year in TENCEL Luxe. The company has a rich history of positioning its products over and above the direct B2B contact and in a way that the end-consumer can relate to it. Initiated already in 2019, Lenzing went into a partnership with Red Carpet Green Dress, founded by Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of producer James Cameron.

Subsequently Oscar winner for ‘Best Documentary Short Subject’, Elena Adreicheva, wore a dress created out of TENCEL Luxe.
Also luxury house Louis Vuitton, designed an evening gown for James Bond lead actress Lea Seydoux out of the luxury TENCEL material. And Golden Globe nominee Kaitlyn Dever arrived at the Oscars in a custom-made ethical Louis Vuitton as a partner of Red Green Carpet, wearing a dress in collaboration with TENCEL Luxe.

This highly successful cooperation received significant praise thorughout media and Lenzing, once again, managed to gain global attention with a truly special project.

Apart from this innovation, Lenzing Group announced the introduction of Eco Pure technology, at the recent Premiere Vision in Paris. This enhances the production of environmentally responsible modal fibers for the textile industry. TENCEL Modal fibers with Eco Pure technology are considered as the most environmentally responsible option among existing modal fibers in the industry. Total chlorine-free bleaching in pulp and fiber delivers the industry’s new standard of clean modal fiber production. With the gentle bleaching process, textiles made predominantly of such fibers tend to be softer than conventionally bleached TENCEL Modal fibers, and are very suitable for undergarments, loungewear, bedding and more. The Eco Pure technology features an eco-responsible production process guided by the EU Ecolabel, a label of environmental excellence that is awarded to products and services that meet high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle. 

Over the few past years, brands have made conscious decisions to better understand their supply chain with a core focus on sustainability and transparency in clothing production. In light of this, the TENCEL Modal fibers with Eco Pure technology are identifiable through a special identification technology, making the eco-fibers identifiable throughout all stages of the textile manufacturing process. 

“The ongoing innovation in cellulosic fiber technologies and eco-responsible production processes has witnessed more sustainable fiber alternatives across the textile value chain. This has provided businesses and brands with new opportunities and perspectives to enhance product quality and improve sustainable practices. The introduction of Eco Pure technology for TENCEL Modal fibers is providing brands and consumers with great comfort and more responsible environmental options. With sustainability in our DNA, we will continue to review customers’ feedback to develop and produce high-quality fibers that suits their needs and preferences.” said Florian Heubrandner, Vice President of Global Business Management Textiles of Lenzing. 

TOMMYNOW Spring 2020 show

TOMMYNOW Spring 2020 show

As part of the TOMMYNOW spring 2020 show, Tommy Hilfiger presented the fourth joint TommyXLewis collection, again focusing on sustainability, inclusion and diversity. Grammy winner H.E.R. awarded the twelve designs of TommyXLewisXH.E.R. Capsule collection with an authentic touch. For the seventh season, the runway event returned to the British capital on February 16, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. as part of London Fashion Week: In The Tanks at the Tate Modern.

This season is about loyalty: loyalty to yourself, to what you believe in and also to the desire to shape a sustainable future. Tommy Hilfigers and Lewis Hamilton’s fourth community collection is the embodiment of this philosophy; no wonder that the word loyalty can also be found as a tattoo on the arm of the brand ambassador Hamilton and thus also acts as a guiding principle for the spring 2020 collections.

This season TOMMYNOW will be reduced to what matters most: a sensual journey into Tommy Hilfiger’s sustainable fashion world – with designs that do not waste resources. In London, Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton presented their most sustainable line to date with the TommyXLewis collection: More than 75% of the designs are made from 100% organic cotton, recycled materials, down alternatives and denim washes with low environmental impact.

In spring 2020, TOMMYNOW is once again the embodiment of the “Style for All” philosophy; a firm commitment to the belief that fashion cannot make a difference in gender, age, nationality and body size. TommyXLewis and TommyXLewisXH.E.R. is available for all sizes, the HILFIGER COLLECTION, however, enables classic designs to be exchanged between the sexes.

Informa and Micam will join forces for August 2020 editionInforma and Micam will join forces for August 2020 edition

Informa and Micam will join forces for August 2020 edition

Informa and Micam have announced to be joining forces for the August 2020 edition starting 17-19th August 2020. They will have MICAM Las Vegas alongside Project and Magic at the Las Vegas convention center. “By making this announcement we are connecting the entire footwear world. We need to energise the footwear community brands and retailers.” – Tom Nastos

APP-DATE: Sustainable Ratings, Recycling and Store Locators

APP-DATE: Sustainable Ratings, Recycling and Store Locators

As part of an effort to become a more sustainable industry, fashion and digital initiatives often overlap in order to inspire the collective to keep abreast of changes in the digital fashion landscape. Below we list 3 apps that are focusing on sustainable efforts & implementing real change. Some of them are available to all stores; others are exclusive to one retailer or territory.



Led by a group of environmentalists, fashion professionals, scientists, writers and developers, GoodOnYou is the key app for fashion and sustain- ability. It rates brands on several sustainability criteria, including environment (where the company’s greenhouse emissions, water and toxic chemical use are assessed, among other things), animals (reflecting on the company’s use of fur, leather, exotic animal skins and so on) and labor (an evaluation of the brand’s commitment to fair pay and health and safety standards in the workplace). What’s more, for brands with overall scores of poor or not good enough, the app suggests alternative designers who deliver (somewhat) similar styles within the same bracket but made more ethically.



UK-based app reGAIN allows consumers to trade their worn garments in exchange for discount vouchers, while also enabling retailers to communicate their commitment to supporting conscious consumption. Customers are invited to drop off parcels with a minimum of 10 unwanted items, including those with visible signs of wear and tear, at one of the 20,000 designated drop-off points across the country and receive up to 25% discount from retailers that have partnered with the app. The garments are either resold or recycled into fibers that are then used to make new clothes, while the retail partners get the benefit of gaining new customers and enhancing their green credentials.



Regional platforms that enable consumers to locate sustainable brands and retailers are mushrooming. In Berlin, the Faer app has recently launched its Local Store Finder feature helping customers find the nearest shops that offer ethical brands; this app also has a direct sales platform that allows partner retailers and brands to list their (strictly sustainable) items and sell them through the app. Their tools work with all popular e-commerce platforms. Meanwhile, in Belgium, the ethical fashion start-up Cosh! has set out to create personalized sustainable shopping maps that feature local businesses selling conscious fashion labels. Retailers can subscribe and submit between 1 and 5 brands for approval by the app’s experts.

MICAM X: initiatives and meetings touching on sustainability and innovation

MICAM X: initiatives and meetings touching on sustainability and innovation

Vision, opportunities, creativity: there is plenty of such at the current edition of MICAM X, the new MICAM area, premiering this year, dedicated to the future-direction of innovation, sustainability and research.

At such a symbolic and decisive time for the footwear industry, which is going through profound changes as regards production processes and the very concept of footwear (also in the perception of end consumers), MICAM “X” – at the very heart of the fair, in the fashion shows and seminars area of Pavilion 1 – sets the stage for the coming season’s most innovative and technological proposals.

Speakers from all over the world (New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, M.I.T., Tuft University Boston and many more) take the stage, offering their contribution and inspiring the audience at three workshops epitomising the innovations of MICAM X.

The MICAM X fashion show “Elements of sustainability”, produced in collaboration with Piattaforma Formativa Sistema Moda, will also centre on sustainability and training. During the event, the student projects of 15 schools will offer food for thought on opportunities for sustainable fashion.

Training the younger generations lies at the heart of a special interactive talk, involving entrepreneurs, young people and schools, scheduled to take place at 11:20 on 18 February.

The meeting forms part of the Open Your Mind campaign – promoted by the European Commission within the framework of the Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME) and launched by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME) and by DG GROW (the Commission’s Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs) – designed to attract young talents aged 14 to 30 to the textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries.

MICAM X sets out to unveil the scenarios that lie ahead for the accessories market, becoming a key means for companies, workers and trend-setters to keep up-to-date and reflect on the future of the industry. For details of the MICAM X meetings and fashion shows, please see the full schedule of events.

Christian Louboutin exhibition at Palais de la Porte DoréeChristian Louboutin exhibition at Palais de la Porte DoréeChristian Louboutin exhibition at Palais de la Porte DoréeChristian Louboutin exhibition at Palais de la Porte Dorée

Christian Louboutin exhibition at Palais de la Porte Dorée

From 26 February 2020, the Palais de la Porte Dorée will present a major exhibition devoted to the work and creativity of Christian Louboutin, the internationally renowned footwear designer and key figure in the fashion world. Designed as an invitation to discover Christian Louboutin’s rich universe, the exhibition will explore every facet of his multi-referential work, in an institution that has played an important role in inspiring his vocation. From the beginning, Christian Louboutin infused his designs with a great wealth of motifs and colours inspired by his love of art and different cultures.

The entire exhibition is a challenge: how to give a sense of the passage of time without stopping it, how to show the designer’s effervescence without steri- lizing it, how to reveal what constituted the network of such vital inspirations and friendships? Christian Louboutin chose a generous approach, reflecting his personality, an imagination and a freedom rooted in a sound knowledge of the world, of art and fashion, a voyage in which inventiveness, emotion and know- how, taste for showmanship and sense of humor are never dissociated. The unprecedented space that Christian Louboutin occupies in the world of contemporary fashion is also attributable to the fact that his work has its roots in popular culture, in the noblest sense of the word. Through metonymy, in cinema, and music, Louboutins are now the quintes- sential shoes, favored by all sexes, genders and ori- gins, via the Nudes series. A child of the Palace (the iconic Parisian nightclub in the late 70s and early 80s), Christian Louboutin connected his work and his name very early on to inclusive and positive figures, athletes or musicians, as illustrated by the famous photo on the cover of the New York Post in memory of Aretha Franklin: “Going in style, dressed in peace: Fire-red Louboutins, gold-plated coffin, three cos- tume changes.” 

Tommy Jeans does 100% recycled denim styles

Tommy Jeans does 100% recycled denim styles

Tommy Jeans is making strides this season with 100% recycled denim styles made using an innovative technique that blends cotton scraps from the apparel industry’s factory floors and hotel industry’s bed linens.

This season spotlights 100% recycled denim styles featuring stitching thread made from recycled plastic PET bottles. And for the first time, a selection of the 100% recycled denim styles are elevated in stretch fabric using recycled elastic.

Première Vision launches a new event in the Chinese Market

Première Vision launches a new event in the Chinese Market

Première Vision has announced the launch of a new event in China in November 2020, a side-by-side show in the heart of Fashion Source, one of the leading textile and fashion trade shows in Asia, which takes place twice a year in Shenzhen. 

This new event will bring together a creative range of materials – yarns, fabrics, accessories, leathers, textile designs – from a broad selection of Asian and European producers. 

The event will enable the group to establish a position in China in this market that – looking beyond the current health situation – is expected to become the world’s largest in terms of clothing and luxury goods as of 2025. Première Vision’s intention is to help companies develop their activity in this major fashion market, which is rapidly growing more sophisticated and upscale, particularly in southern China, which is seeing an extremely rapid development of industry players. 

Première Vision has had a local presence in China since 2004 through a promotional office and events held in Shanghai and Beijing, allowing it to develop an expertise in the Chinese fashion sector and its specific characteristics. It is now partnering with Fashion Source, which since 2018 has been a subsidiary of the GL events group, to introduce a high-quality and complementary offer, along with its unique know- how regarding fashion forecasts and information. 

The next edition will take place from 27th-29th November 2020 as well as May 2021.



The Stone Island Shadow collection Project_Spring Summer ‘020 continues on the path towards the most evolved contemporary menswear concepts. The collection explores the concept of density, both in terms of shapes and of effects, such as the result of constructions, when combined and contrasting with soft materials.

 This season the COMPACT treatment is introduced, a special highly compacted nylon cotton that serves as a base for a wide variety of translations. The fabric resulting from the treatment has a high level of rigidity due to the compacting of the nylon fibres and a slight patina effect on the outer face.

HEAVY COMPACT NYLON is a fabric composed of nylon and cotton. Developed exclusively by Stone Island for Shadow Project, the base fabric undergoes a metamorphosis from the Compact Treatment process. The napped inner face creates unique dynamism between the density of the outside and the comfort inside.

 COMPACT 50 FILI Derived from a classic Stone Island fabric, this cotton-nylon blend undergoes the Compact Treatment. The napped inner face of the fabric softens the texture and creates an elegant contrast with the overall density of the fabric.

 The very high density of COMPACT treated panels integrated into a section of the garment help maintain the shape and create a supporting base for the remaining softer fabric.

OPAK is a lightweight, semi-transparent nylon-polyester fabric impregnated with polyurethane resin.

DPM CHINÉ JACQUARD is an exclusive fabric in a blend of cotton and polyester, resin-coated inside. In its third evolution it combines the depth of colour, graphic details and soft draping of the previous version with an additional jacquard weave texture that creates the striped areas of the fabric. The print is applied only to the warp of the fabric for depth and unique visual texture. 

STRIPED NYLON METAL reinterprets a classic Stone Island fabric obtained through weaving polyester fibres in ‘striped’ areas of the fabric. Through various changes to the garment dyeing process, the stripes are made opaque in contrast with the metallic sheen of the base fabric.

LIGHT NYLON-R consists of a 3-layer composite structure that combines a windproof, water resistant and breathable performance membrane in polyurethane, between a micro mesh base and a high-density nylon jersey outer layer. Lightness and packability are emphasized in this fabric, as is the unparalleled colour obtained from Stone Island’s experience in finished garment dyeing.

The introduction of the first Shadow Project duffel and bag is complemented by a rich series of graphics and by slip-on suede shoes.

Kingpins Hong Kong cancelled due to coronavirus

Kingpins Hong Kong cancelled due to coronavirus

Kingpins has announced the cancellation of its Hong Kong edition due to the coronavirus, the organisation announced in an official press release. The fair would have taken place on 13th and 14th May 2020, but the organization sees “the current health risks and significant travel restrictions in force” more than sufficient grounds for the exhibition not let go by.

“We are very concerned about the situation in China and understand that many of our exhibitors and attendees are dealing with extreme difficulties and uncertainty due to efforts to contain the spread of the virus,” says Andrew Olah, founder of Kingpins Show. “In light of these issues and the expectation that the disruption will continue for some time, we felt it best to cancel our Hong Kong event.”