Denim sector to debut at Texworld

Denim sector to debut at Texworld

The coming edition of Texworld which will take place in Paris from the 18th till 21st of September 2017, will introduce the launch of its new Texworld Denim section. The latter will showcase around 80 exhibitors who all specialise in the denim sector. Furthermore this area will also debut its own trend forum.

“We have introduced the Texworlddenim segment at our next show edition as a true reflection of the dominant position that denim occupies in the fashion industry,” commented Michael Scherpe, president, Messe Frankfurt France.

The new Denim sector will be regrouping the fabrics from Texworld and the ready-to-wear from Apparel Sourcing.

Liebeskind Berlin present the ‘B Bag’

Liebeskind Berlin present the ‘B Bag’

As part of the Fall / Winter 2017 Collection, Liebeskind Berlin presents ‘The Berlin Bag’ AKA the ‘B Bag’. The latter is a homage to a Berlin girl who wrapped herself in a large woven blanket to protect herself from the cold, held together by a leather belt with a round, metallic buckle. Her attitude embodies her own individual style: simple and confident, raw yet elegant.

The B Bag distills the essence of the city: a certain dynamism and freedom allowing one to be who they are- a citizen of the world.

Stories by Parajumpers: Alaskan Bush Pilot

Stories by Parajumpers: Alaskan Bush Pilot

Alaskan Bush Pilots have been the brave and iconic adventurers of the skies for over a century. They have tamed America’s most outlandish natural landscapes thanks to their outstanding courage and one-of-a-kind gut instinct – and Leighan Falley, a Talkeetna-based pilot, is one of them.

Falley is one of the very few female Alaskan pilots to continuously push boundaries in the great northern skies. Always graceful, even when under pressure, she explores Alaska’s idyllic yet raw nature with the courage of an explorer, following her instincts, while calculating risks. “The first memory of my entire life is being in the backseat of my father’s airplane,” Falley recalls. “I must have been a tiny baby, I remember feeling the airplane moving through the air and seeing the trees and the river below.”

In Talkeetna, situated some 115 miles north of Anchorage on the southern edge of the Denali National Park, Falley is one of the Talkeetna Air Taxi pilots. The company was established in the 40s, the early days of Alaskan aviation, and currently runs 10 bush aircraft.

She flies to the remotest locations in Alaska in order to capture the adventurous everyday life of the Great North, while bringing mountaineers to their final destination and helping those in need. Living her dream, Leighan Falley is not only a brave pilot, but also a mother, a ski guide, an alpinist, having reached the peak of Denali Mountain six times out of twelve expeditions. “Alaska is probably my favorite place on earth,” she continues. “I’ve been through different continents, climbed different mountain ranges, including the Himalaya, but Alaska is my favorite. It is so big and so wild, vast and untouchable. The biosphere is intact, the animals live in their natural habitat. Mountain ranges rise from a hundred meters to six thousand meters – it’s simply beautiful. In a place as beautiful as Alaska, you have to have an airplane to see all of it,” she concludes. “Discovering Alaska and climbing its mountains is a journey that involves a lot of beauty, a lot of hardship, and a lot of testing yourself mentally and physically.”

Follow the stories of modern-day heroes on the Parajumpers website where you can also watch exclusive video footage and discover Parajumpers’ latest collections.

Zalando and Bestseller team up for trade platform

Zalando and Bestseller team up for trade platform

Zalando and Bestseller United annoinced a joint venture to promote the B2B online platform is another platform trying to promote digital fashion wholesale in order to transport also the B2B part of the fashion industry into the day-and-age of the Internet.

Most fashion trade is still done physically at trade shows, showrooms and client visits but it gets more apparent that part of it is possible to be done online.

The platform tries to connect retailers with brands and make trading online easier. was founded in 2015 by Besteller United (owner of Vero Moda, Jack&Jones and Zalando now took over 50% of it. No financial details have been made public. Bestseller Group is one of Zalando’s largest shareholders.

Berlin Buyers Guide July 2017

Berlin Buyers Guide July 2017

Welcome to the latest edition of Berlin’s Buyers Guide, which will be live from tomorrow! From the 4th-6th of June we will cover Premium, SEEK, Selvedge Run, Show and Order, Panorama and further events. The aim of the tradeshows and the brands they present is to question systematically the way that fashion is worn and communicated.

The team of WeAr global magazine will communicate from Berlin, live, for you. We will interview decision makers, scout trends and keep you updated on what’s hot in Berlin.

Stay tuned on here and on our Facebook and Instagram channels so not to miss Berlin’s fashion week.

Have a look at the WeAr to go section to discover hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and of course shopping for your stay in Berlin.

You can also read one of WeAr’s quality trend articles, provided by our global editorial team.

Trends at View Premium SelectionTrends at View Premium Selection

Trends at View Premium Selection

In its 16th edition, VIEW kicked off on a dynamic and progressive note and closed with a slight increase in visitors.

Materials with raised surfaces as super-soft wool types generated a great deal of interest. Also attracting a lot of attention were the sophisticated jerseys with a heavier feel for winter – some of them with standard reverse sides, others with printed or multi-coloured effects. All-important were the discussions revolving around sustainability, which serves for storytelling and clearly adds value to the fabrics and, hence, to the garments. In addition to this, there is a demand for more function in the form of technical material support – subtly integrated but strongly communicated and never as a technical element that determines the looks – at least not in the fashion segment. The innovative themes for winter include 3D technologies for texture and print.

Centre for Fashion Enterprise announce Manufacturers Trade Show in London

Centre for Fashion Enterprise announce Manufacturers Trade Show in London

Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE), based at London College of Fashion, UAL have announced their first Manufacturers Trade Show in East London. This one-day event, taking place on Tuesday 11th July at York Hall in Bethnal Green, will showcase over 20 exhibitors and aims to introduce fashion enterprises to manufacturers who can produce smaller scale quantities in order to progress their businesses.

The Manufacturers Trade Show is a part of CFE’s Fashion Technology Emerging Futures (FTEF) project, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with the vision to support the new eco-system emerging in London, recognising the convergence of fashion and technology SMEs. This will be the first of CFE’s commitment to a Manufacturer’s Trade Show as part of the FTEF project, and will happen twice yearly.

CFE have commissioned Making for Change to make a collection of tote bags for the Manufacturers Trade Show, featuring exclusive designs from CFE alumni and CFE Fashion Pioneer designer, Ovelia Transtoto. Making for Change are a social enterprise set up by London College of Fashion UAL as part of the college’s ethos of ‘Better Lives’, using fashion as a discipline, to drive change, build a sustainable future and improve the way we live.

Judith Tolley, Head of the CFE commented:

“London is known for nurturing the most innovative and authentic creative fashion designers and emerging businesses but without manufacturers to support and work with them their creative talent and growing businesses would not be realised. Our vision is to connect business with manufacturers with a view to developing long term working relationships.”

Rifle Jeans announces new partnershipRifle Jeans announces new partnership

Rifle Jeans announces new partnership

Rifle company (Rifle Jeans) has a new partner; the Swiss holding of investments Kora Investments Sa which took over 44% of the Rifle equity. The closing is expected in the next 45 days.

Franco Marianelli ex Guess and Gas Jeans  will be in charge to lead the new Rifle to the next level.

In  2018 – commented Giulio Fratini (owner of the company), who represents the third generation of the founders – “is the 60th anniversary of the company and this is the time to take our company in a new dimension, driving it to the 21st century with a financial investor that is realizing with us its first business in the fashion world.”

Rifle closed the 2016 with a turnover of € 21million as in the 2015. The turnover is almost completely realized in the domestic market. Infact one of the first goal is to develop a global strategy. and Farfetch announced a strategic and Farfetch announced a strategic partnership and Farfetch announced a strategic partnership

E-commerce giant and Farfetch announced a strategic partnership that will create the premier platform for luxury e-commerce across China, opening a gateway to an $80bn market.

The partnership leverages JD’s unparalleled logistics, Internet finance and technology capabilities and social media resources, including its WeChat partnership, with Farfetch’s leadership in global luxury, to create a frictionless and seamless brand experience. Farfetch has well-established operations in China and is already the partner of choice for 200 luxury brands and more than 500 multi-brand retailers. JD will help drive further brand awareness, traffic and sales for Farfetch in the market.

As part of this partnership, JD com will become one of the largest shareholders of Farfetch, investing $397 million, and Richard Liu,‘s founder and CEO, will join the Farfetch board. JD and Farfetch will partner on marketing, logistics and technology solutions to build the brand in China, while Farfetch will continue to be the customer-facing brand.

The combined strength of the Farfetch-JD partnership will benefit all 700 brands and boutiques that are part of the Farfetch community, enabling them to take advantage of the vast resources of this new gateway to China’s luxury market.

Leveraging JD Luxury Express, JD’s recently launched white glove service, Farfetch will be able to offer customers a premium level of service befitting the world-class brands sold on the site. For Chinese consumers, this combination of Farfetch’s luxury know-how, and JD’s blazing same-day delivery speeds and highly professional service, will provide an unparalleled luxury proposition.

Farfetch partner brands with a local retail presence will also have access to world-class omni-channel capabilities, including click & collect and in-store returns, connecting the brands’ physical retail stores in China to consumers.