Stone Island launches STORIA

Stone Island launches STORIA

Since its inception in 1982, Stone Island has acquired a worldwide cult following for its cutting-edge outerwear. In the world where brands latch on to culture, through its almost four-decade existence Stone Island influenced it.

Storia captures the story of Stone Island, combining its history and ethos into one source. With never-before-seen images and three major texts by Eugene Rabkin, Paul Gorman and Jian DeLeon.

A special cover with slipcase and a poster depicting the history of iconic Stone Island badges has been produced exclusively for Stone Island stores and its websites.

Fondation Louis Vuitton reopens with major retrospective dedicated to American photographer Cindy Sherman

Fondation Louis Vuitton reopens with major retrospective dedicated to American photographer Cindy Sherman

Initially scheduled to run from April 2 to August 31 but postponed because of the health crisis, the “Cindy Sherman at the Fondation Louis Vuitton” retrospective is set to become a highlight of the Paris cultural calendar for 2020-2021. Dedicated to showcasing contemporary art, the Fondation Louis Vuitton is welcoming visitors back with an exhibition of more than 300 photos from various series shot by the 66-year-old photographer since the late 1970s.

Cindy Sherman is known for exploring female stereotypes through extremely elaborate self-portraits. Posing in her own photos is a hallmark of the artist’s work. And yet, in all her images, she never looks the same. Through the magic of makeup, costumes and wigs, the artist transforms herself into a myriad of characters of her own invention.

Designed in close collaboration with the artist herself, the retrospective also aims to highlight how Cindy Sherman’s work and technique have evolved over time: her transition from black and white to color, her choice of small and then large formats and, more recently, her use of image editing tool Photoshop and social network Instagram.

MYCLAH: E-Commerce specialised in Italian refined and artisanal collectionsMYCLAH: E-Commerce specialised in Italian refined and artisanal collectionsMYCLAH: E-Commerce specialised in Italian refined and artisanal collectionsMYCLAH: E-Commerce specialised in Italian refined and artisanal collections

MYCLAH: E-Commerce specialised in Italian refined and artisanal collections

The idea behind MYCLAH from an Italian entrepreneur, Claudia Gatti, whose aim is to give voice to talents and small made in Italy manufacturing companies and offer them greater international visibility by investing in a project to support the beauty of the Italian lifestyle.

MYCLAH presents itself as a container of high-level products, original and often unique, selected for quality, ability to transmit Italian mastery and know-how, without however neglecting the affordability of the proposal. The site develops as a portal to which, beyond the e-shop, it will be added a section dedicated to artisan start-ups and creatives who will tell their stories. An internal editorial staff will talk about travel, fashion, life style, food and beauty #allitaliana. This will be the common thread that will accompany the world of MYCLAH on social media.

Supporter of young talents and passionate about the stories that lie behind each product, imbued with quality and tradition but also with innate creativity, Claudia Gatti, creator of MYCLAH project, has seen how much the territory and the roots are fundamental for each of these companies: inside of MYCLAH it will give particular visibility to the relationship between product and land of origin. Furthermore, 90% of the brands featured in this first launch are led by women. A great pride for MYCLAH, whose team is all female: “I found great solidarity from everyone and an exchange of energy that feeds me and strengthens me every day”confirms Claudia Gatti. Among her future projects also the creation of a mini capsule of clothing and accessories branded MYCLAH.

For the first launch campaign, the MYCLAH project is inspired by Italian beauty and everyday life. Scenes of life with an ironic chic flair that recall italian places of art and vacation. The shots of the adv campaign were taken in a former 15th century convent, now a relais in Gradara, from photographer Vincenzo Traettino (model Claudia Capellini, set designer Mirna Casadei).

DFO launches NOVA by DFO with a strong international lineup at Shanghai Fashion Week

DFO launches NOVA by DFO with a strong international lineup at Shanghai Fashion Week

From October 9-12, DFO will debut NOVA by DFO, an official Shanghai Fashion Week event for its SS21 edition.

Hosted by DFO International, with 10 years of experience in the industry, NOVA’s hybrid sales platform combines Showroom and designer sections, showcasing leading international commercial and designer brands for the domestic retail market. Providing streamlined, in-depth sales and marketing services, NOVA’s innovative platform aims to maximize business opportunities and market engagement between brands and buyers.

Demonstrating its dynamic positioning in the Chinese market and strong digital strategies to respond to changing market needs, DFO’s sales has strongly surged by 30% compared to the same period the year before, despite the global coronavirus outbreak.

NOVA by DFO will make its debut by presenting a total of 40 fashion and lifestyle brands for the Showroom and Designer sections.

Key highlights…

-The SHOWROOM section, hosted by DFO Showroom, will feature 24 brands.

-The DESIGNER section introduces buyers to 16 global fashion brands that are new to the Chinese market.

-Cementing its role as brand accelerator, DFO and haute couture designer Wanbing Huang will jointly launch womenswear label AnOTHER MUSE. Creative Director Wanbing Huang brings her proficient haute couture design experience and DFO International’s deep market insight into life, experimenting with superb technology to improve the structure, fit and wearing experience of clothing, and the dedication to craftsmanship is highlighted in every piece of the collection.

Ze by SANKUANZ, the eponymous lifestyle brand by SANKUANZ, will make its first Shanghai Fashion Week debut.

Kenzo Takada: Japanese designer passes away

Kenzo Takada: Japanese designer passes away

The Japanese founder, Kenzo Takada of fashion brand Kenzo has died aged 81.

The family said in a statement to French media Sunday that Takada died from complications from COVID-19 in a hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris. A public relations officer for Kenzo’s brand confirmed that Takada died, but didn’t give a cause of death.

“It is with immense sadness that KENZO has learned of the passing of our founder, the fashion house said in a statement. “For half a century, Mr. Takada has been an emblematic personality in the fashion industry” always infusing creativity and color into the world.

Takada’s death came at the tail end of Paris Fashion Week, whose nine-day calendar is undertaking an unusual fashion season for spring-summer 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic. It was only days ago that the Kenzo fashion house unveiled its bee-themed collection here.

The entire WeAr team is paying tribute to Kenzo Takada.

Gabrielle Chanel exhibition to take place at the City of Paris Fashion Museum

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Gabrielle Chanel exhibition to take place at the City of Paris Fashion Museum

The Palais Galliera, the City of Paris Fashion Museum, will reopen its doors after extension work and presents the first retrospective in Paris of a unique and remarkable fashion designer: Gabrielle Chanel (1883-1971).

The first part of the exhibition is chronological; it recounts her early beginnings with a few emblematic pieces, including the famous 1916 marinière, the sailor blouse, in jersey. You are invited to trace the development of Chanel’s chic style: from the little black dresses and sporty models of the Roaring Twenties to the sophisticated dresses of the 1930s. One room is devoted entirely to N° 5, created in 1921 and quintessentially the spirit of “Coco Chanel”.

Ten photo portraits of Gabrielle Chanel accompany the ten chapters of the exhibition and show the extent to which the couturière herself was the embodiment of her brand. Then came the war and the fashion house was closed; the only things still sold in Paris, at 31 rue Cambon, were perfume and accessories. Then the arrival of Christian Dior and the New Look – the corseted style that she so objected to; Gabrielle Chanel reacted by returning to couture in 1954 and, against the trend, reaffirmed her fashion manifesto.

The second part of the exhibition is themed and you are invited to decipher her dress codes: the braided tweed suit, two-tone pumps, the 2.55 quilted bag, black and beige naturally, but also red, white and gold… and, of course, the costume and the fine jewellery that were intrinsic to the Chanel look.

Eastman launches new sustainable fashion fibre: Naia Renew

Eastman launches new sustainable fashion fibre: Naia Renew

Eastman, the producer of sustainably sourced Naia cellulosic fiber, introduces its new Naia Renew portfolio, sourced from 60% wood pulp and 40% recycled waste plastics. Naia Renew cellulosic fiber is traceable with certified biodegradability that captures the value of hard-to-recycle materials that would otherwise be destined for landfills. It can be produced at scale to deliver sustainability without compromise to the fashion world.

“Naia Renew enables a circular economy for the fashion industry and helps brands meet their eco- conscious goals,” said Ruth Farrell, global marketing director of textiles for Eastman. “We’re transforming what a fabric can be and do to meet the sustainability demands of our customers and to create a world where brands and consumers can be in fashion without compromising on quality and performance.”

Available as both a filament yarn and a staple fiber, Naia Renew offers clear advantages over other materials. Naia Renew filament features a silky hand, rich luster and fluid drape and is used to create fashionable womenswear garments, while Naia Renew staple fiber is inherently soft and quick drying, with reduced pilling properties, making it ideal for everyday casual wear.

“Our vision is to make sustainable fashion accessible for everyone” Farrell added. “We all need to play our parts to help fix the future and work together to protect our planet’s precious resources for the next generations. With Naia Renew, you can take an active role in conserving resources and fostering innovation, while demonstrating a passion for sustainability that resonates with consumers worldwide”

NEONYT January 2021 edition to demonstrate collaboration during times of social distancing

NEONYT January 2021 edition to demonstrate collaboration during times of social distancing

How does collaboration work in the fashion industry and particularly in times of social distancing? When tried-and-tested solutions and established yearly plans no longer fit the bill, it’s time to start setting new priorities. And the winter edition of Neonyt from 19-21 January 2021 in Berlin will aim to demonstrate what this can look like.

Together. Now and here. – it is under this motto that the Neonyt community will be getting together in the German capital this coming January. With this event, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation is fulfilling the industry’s need to move closer together and cooperate more closely. The agenda at Neonyt will be defined by the hottest topics from the fashion scene: glocalisation and collaboration, as well as diversity and digitalisation.

“For many, the transformation happened virtually overnight – and made it clear just how interlinked yet also fragile the entire system is,” says Thimo Schwenzfeier, Show Director of Neonyt. “We need to show how serious we really are about sustainability through our actions – here and now. The global coronavirus pandemic has exposed a number of injustices in the textile supply chain – and also ignited an international discussion about equality and fairness at the same time. Bricks-and- mortar retailers were ordered to shut their doors to customers. Brands cancelled their orders in producing countries and workers were laid off from one day to the next – without pay and social security. But that wasn’t the case in the fair fashion industry, where, wherever possible, solidarity was shown. A rethink is happening in the entire textile and clothing industry, with more and more people advocating glocal cooperation and calling for an end to short-sighted competitiveness. Synergies are forming between competitors, which can benefit everyone.

White Milano restarts with edition full of energy

White Milano restarts with edition full of energy

WHITE Milano opened in the name of energy with an excellent turnout at the show and great attention from visitors.

Comments Cristina Tajani, Councillor for Labour Policies, Production Activities, Fashion and Design of the City of Milan: “The restart of White, with over 200 companies present, is a good sign for the entire fashion industry and shows once again how the Milan Fashion Week is a must for all operators, even at this time marked by Covid. Unlike other appointments such as New York and London, the Milanese Fashion Week does not stop and tries to start again, proposing new production models, more and more attentive to quality, circularity and sustainability, now essential elements of Made in Italy”.

“I consider this event a great gesture of courage, a productive investment that was required by our companies during the lockdown. Our companies are not asking for economic contributions, but they want to be able to work” – explains Giorgio Merletti, President of Confartigianato Nazionale, who continues: “The collaboration between White, Confartigianato and Camera Della Moda is of great value and has been realized by people, with the help of technology and with an eye for sustainability; this shows that when you join in the moment of need, the projects are winning and you can pinpoint the interest of our country”. 

Stone Island x Persol collaborate on reinterpretation of archive model of sunglassesStone Island x Persol collaborate on reinterpretation of archive model of sunglasses

Stone Island x Persol collaborate on reinterpretation of archive model of sunglasses

Stone Island and Persol have collaborated on a perfect merge: from the origins to the workwear mission and the combination of high-end Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Exclusively for this collaboration, Stone Island x Persol reinterpreted an archive model of sunglasses from the ’70s to give birth to the PO2470S PILOT FRAME, a new, exclusive style that combines the spirits style that combines the spirits and the excellence of the two Italian brands.

It is a tantalizing convergence of the two brands, each being steeped in a rich heritage of Italian design and known for their devotion to craftmanship and technology. Separately they have defined excellence in their own fields. Together, they have created a new milestone in luxury eyewear. A mix of a shared vision.

A bold pilot profile is characterized by a metal bridge with visible screws, crafted with an exclusive attention to all details to ensure maximum protection, always in style. The metal bridge is hand brushed for an exquisite opal effect, in contrast with the frame. The gunmetal frame has temples enriched by the famous stylized Arrow and Meflecto technology and features yellow temple tips with the print of the iconic Stone Island logo. The frame is sanded by hand, making sure to give a luminous effect to the Arrow. The model has light blue polarized lenses, with both Persol and Stone Island engraved logos, one for each lens.

The sunglasses come with a multi-functional box that includes the sunglasses and their dedicated case, a branded lanyard and a special cleaning kit, embodying both brands’ attitude to the function.

“I have always had great respect for Persol, for the company’s long history, consistency and ability to keep its roots firmly based in the past. We worked together with enthusiasm and with the ease of those who share the same values, putting the product at the centre of everything thanks to human capacity and technology, to extreme attention to detail and functionality. The result obtained represents the perfect meeting point between Persol and Stone Island, different realities but with shared, strong ideals.” Carlo Rivetti – Creative Director and President of Stone Island.