Louis Vuitton takes menswear show to China and Japan

Louis Vuitton takes menswear show to China and Japan

Louis Vuitton is taking its men’s fashion collections on the road for the first time, the luxury brand said last week, with shows to take place in China and Japan instead of the usual destination of Paris.

The label’s American designer Virgil Abloh said the spring 2021 collection will be unveiled in Shanghai on August 6 and in Japan afterwards. Both will be open to the general public and will be live-streamed.

On Instagram Louis Vuitton posted: “To be continued… Stay tuned for “Message in a Bottle,” the upcoming #LVMenSS21 Collection presentation in Shanghai this August. Discover #VirgilAbloh’s film prologue “Adventures of Zoooom with Friends” on IGTV.”

VIEW: United Genders taking place in January 2021

VIEW: United Genders taking place in January 2021

After launching its digital marketplace last month for menswear and unisex fashion, VIEW is adapting to remain relevant within the industry as it changes. The team has rescheduled this redefined event with new dates set for January 2021, located at Carreau du Temple, in the heart of Paris’ Upper Marais neighbourhood.

The physical event will operate in conjunction with its digital platform, allowing a wider audience to engage with the showcase during, and after, it takes place.

Scheduled in line with Men’s fashion week in Paris (Jan 19th – 24th, 2021), VIEW will physically present 80 brands across ready-to-wear, accessories and lifestyle from 22nd to 24th of January 2021. The digital platform will extend its service to a wider selection of companies, offering direct support and exposure to a database of more than 10,000 international buyers.

Walter Van Beirendonck – Digital Presentation SS21

Walter Van Beirendonck – Digital Presentation SS21

Walter Van Beirendonck recently presented his Digital Presentation for S/S 2021…

“Wishing to counteract these turbulent times with a collection that is both hopeful and empowering, one that is future-proof and rebirth-ready, I also wanted to take a beat from the past. I have been showing my WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK collections on the official Paris Fashion Week schedule since 1995. For these social-distancing times, in which we can only present new work digitally, I got inspired by the resourcefulness of the French couturiers of the 1940s. Immediately after WWII had ended, there was a lack of means to stage expensive shows in front of an audience.

As a solution to that problem as well as the fabric scarcity, it was decided to present all designs on miniature mannequins that travelled the world in 1945,
called the ‘Théâtre de la Mode’.

Together with Eli Effenberger — a former student of mine who lives and makes incredible work in Japan — and Trois Quarts Studio in Antwerp, I collaborated on 22 of the most amazingly eerie-looking miniatures.”

My collection is called MIRROR. I toyed with the name GHOSTS WHISPER LOUD. As turmoil has enwrapped the world and seemingly unimaginable events are becoming reality, we must not turn away from each other or from the changes we know are desperately needed. Bold actions that I have spoken about my entire career:


COTERIE September New York edition cancelled

COTERIE September New York edition cancelled

Informa Markets Fashion announced that its flagship New York-based fashion trade show, COTERIE, which includes FAME, MODA, SOLE COMMERCE and previously rescheduled PROJECT and CHILDREN’S CLUB, will not take place September 22-24 at the Jacob Javits Center and the COTERIE team will instead focus its efforts on providing an opportunity for business continuity via its newly launched digital trade event, whose digital doors will open on September 1, 2020.

The COTERIE New York marketplace draws a large audience of both international and domestic brands, retailers, and key industry executives. Given continued uncertainty around international travel and border restrictions as well as the importance of health and safety for the entire community, COTERIE has decided to shift focus this fall towards their digital trade event in partnership with NuORDER. As announced earlier last month, the partnership is part of a longer-term plan to support a synergistic physical and digital future for the fashion wholesale industry. This season’s digital trade event, running from September 1st-November 1st, is an opportunity for continued commerce for the New York marketplace despite challenges around the physical event this year.

“Over recent weeks, we have been in discussion with key industry stakeholders, partners and visitors to determine the best path forward for our community,” said Nancy Walsh, President, Informa Markets Fashion. “Ultimately, we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s physical event and focus our efforts on a dynamic return to the show floor in 2021 and on the opportunities that our digital marketplace can offer both our brand partners and retail buyers this season. We have a lot of great ideas to enhance the physical experience at our show in the new year, and solutions to use digital in a more compelling way to enhance the experience for all of our customers starting this September.”

COTERIE’s digital marketplace, hosted within a centralized digital platform alongside MAGIC, PROJECT, MICAM Americas, and CHILDREN’S CLUB digital marketplaces, will give both brands and retail buyers a convenient and efficient way to connect and do business anywhere and anytime with new and existing partners. Brands and retailers will have access to NuORDER’s market leading platform, using features such as digital catalogs, line sheets, orders, and the latest Virtual Showroom technology to connect and conduct commerce. Exhibiting brands also will have the opportunity for enhanced brand
storytelling and exposure to a global retail audience, while retail buyers can intuitively browse the digital marketplace discovering and identifying unique products more easily through fresh editorial content and of-the-moment insights. Bridging the gap of physical events this year, COTERIE’s digital trade event will serve as a powerful tool for business continuity for the fall 2020 season as well as pave the way for 2021, when COTERIE’s physical and digital events can robustly launch together, with even greater enhancements.

Munich Fabric Start

Munich Fabric Start

MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE have announced the cancellation of its events taking place from 1st – 3rd September 2020.

This hard decision is mainly based on the ongoing travel restrictions in and outside of Europe which is causing great planning uncertainty for companies and has led to cancellations by international exhibitors who had previously confirmed their participation. These issues make it impossible to realize this platform in the previously announced and well-known form.

“Despite all our efforts we now had to make the difficult but unavoidable decision to cancel MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE from 1 – 3 September 2020 due to the continuing travel restrictions and further exhibitor cancellations as a result. Our priority now is to offer a special format to those exhibitors and agencies who are willing and able to present their new products on this date. With FABRIC DAYS, we offer a business focused platform in Munich that concentrates on the essentials and enables the industry to work efficiently under the new conditions.“- Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

FABRIC DAYS from 1 – 3 September 2020 in Munich presents a business focused format which is reduced to the essentials and designed to stabilise and support the industry in the return to business.

ISPO Re.Start DaysISPO Re.Start DaysISPO Re.Start Days

ISPO Re.Start Days

Today is the first day of ISPO Re.Start Days, a virtual conference platform organized by ISPO (the leading sports tradeshow by Messe München). In a series of conferences, the sports industry is discussed under the viewpoint of Covid-19 and how to re-start best.

The conference launched with an impressive tale by mountaineer Jost Kobusch and former cyclist Kristina Vogel who both underlined the importance of moving into a more sustainable period post-crisis. Brand panelists amongst others Dr. Oliver Pabst – Mammut, Martin Riebler – Deuter, Mark Held – EOG, and Michael Levi – Columbia Sportswear Company went on to discuss the industry and gave more vital insights.

Mark Held of Outdoor Group Survey (EOG) pointed out that the biggest sales impact was in March and April (83% for the latter), however that the speed of recovery in the outdoor industry is remarkable. This is underlined by Mark Riebel (Deuter): “People are now eager to go out, live a free life, enjoy nature whilst getting fitter and improving their health.”. His prediction is that both the online and offline retail is now in a position which it did not think it could be in back in April and that sales are up. Also Michael Levi (Columbia) said that their sales meeting delivered more than they expected and through the use of new technology it was not only at a fraction of the costs but also more sustainable. EOG included a survey whereby 69% of companies said they could survive for 12+ months in the dire situation of the crisis and 98% of respondents said they are confident their business will survive. Overall this points towards a healthier recovery of the outdoor and sportswear market.

Dr. Pabst started explaining Mammut’s response to the situation by outlining that they call it a ‘momentum’ – not a crisis. It was clear to him that his team embraced this time and liked to be challenged by the unknown to make something special out of it. Their latest campaign, The Local Adventure Challenge, focussed on motivating people to locally explore their environment and ultimately this encourages consumers to be more sustainable. This campaign has built a closer relationship with Mammut’s end-consumers.

To underpin this with the EOG’s research: 56% of companies want to change the delivery cycle of products and 51% committed to increasing sustainability KPIs as a result of the crisis.

Pabst pointed out: “This momentum is an accelerator of all megatrends we have seen before: digitalization (we all know it is the way forward), CSR (nature is hitting us back, we have to take care of the environment) and also topics like black life matters, gender equality came in an acceleration, which we wouldn’t have seen before. A special momentum full of challenges but also opportunities.”

The ISPO Re.Start Days will continue until the 1st of July and WeAr will continue to report.




Jeanologia consolidates its internationalization process with an innovative Hub in Hong Kong

Jeanologia consolidates its internationalization process with an innovative Hub in Hong Kong

Jeanologia, world leader in sustainable and efficient technology development, consolidates its internationalization process with the opening of its new innovative Hub in Hong Kong.

This Center reinforces the company’s ambitious international expansion plan by centralizing all its operations in Asia. This allows it to be close to clients and offer the best service, becoming their technological partner, working as a team, and providing added value.

Jeanologia, has Hubs in Turkey, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, the USA, and Mexico, with sales in 65 countries. It has gone from being a company that exports to a well-established, being present with offices and its own team in the countries where it operates.

For the director of the Asia Division, Jordi Juani “a few years ago we started a new expansion strategy, integrating ourselves into the industrial fabrics of the countries where our clients come from. It is no longer enough to export, to achieve the revolution we want in the textile industry, we need to establish ourselves in those countries”.

“By doing this,” he stressed, “we are increasing our connection with them and getting to know their needs first-hand, thus providing effective support to accelerate our goal of dehydration and detoxification of the textile industry.”

SS 2021 Hanna Moore Milano Collection to showcase at Milano Digital Fashion Week

SS 2021 Hanna Moore Milano Collection to showcase at Milano Digital Fashion Week

“BE UP TOMORROW IS NOW” is the SS 2021 Hanna Moore Milano collection by Gianfranco Unione which will be previewed during the evening event in Naples, on June 30 and then at Milano Digital Fashion Week on July 14/17, an event created by Carlo Capasa for the National Chamber for Italian Fashion, with the involvement of companies for the Italian fashion universe reorganized in a virtual edition, focused on image, multimedia content and webinars and workshops, while for September the hope is to return to classic fashion shows in addition to digital.

The objective of CNMI is to build an inclusive proposal of the great brands of Made in Italy and at the same time support the new generation of designers.

The fashion show will be divided into six outings that will include the presentation of the basic collection of clothes and beachwear SS 2021 created by designer Rosaria Ottaiano and illuminated by Silver jewelry by Tiziana Peruggi, the capsule collection of the totally eco-sustainable line Hanna Moore Milano Jeans, created by designer Ceres Ramos, the Luxury Shoes created by designer Giovanni Farriciello, Hanna Moore Milano Beauty which sees the beautiful Miriam Carino testimonial of the Bellezza product line and Nathaly Caldonazzo testimonial and designer of the capsule collection of the Fitness line Un Art by Hanna Moore Milano.

Milano Digital Fashion Week will be visible on the digital channels of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (cameramoda.it; Instagram; Twitter; Facebook; Linkedin; Weibo; Youtube).

Footwear: Spring/Summer 2021 trends unveiledFootwear: Spring/Summer 2021 trends unveiledFootwear: Spring/Summer 2021 trends unveiled

Footwear: Spring/Summer 2021 trends unveiled

Homespun, rustic minimalism combined with the values of tradition, TransForm, hope beyond the crisis and harmonization of opposites and GameScape, a nostalgic trip back to the games of the 80s and the union between real and virtual, represent the trends that will characterize the Spring-Summer 2021 Season. The trends have been elaborated by WGSN for MICAM, the International Footwear Fair, whose next edition will be held from 20 to 23 September 2020 at Fiera


HomeSpun – Women/Girls
HomeSpun is based on a new form of rustic minimalism, with women’s designs that put the accent on the values of slowness, sustainability and handcrafts.

Returning to slow methodical craftsmanship and the art of making, appealing to discerning minimalists who value slowness in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Returning to slow methodical craftsmanship and the art of making, appealing to discerning minimalists who value slowness in an increasingly fast-paced world.

This will mean an increase in Repurposing as consumers start to shop more consciously. Neutral and natural tones prevail, inspired by nature’s rich, tawny browns and grassy greens, and looks to the sky for moody blues and washed-out purple hues. Workwear, both agricultural and traditional, inspires a new bucolic style.

For footwear, the stress is on natural materials and a high level of craftsmanship. Leather detailing and daisy chains are a feature.


HomeSpun – Men/Boys
HomeSpun embraces a slower approach to fashion, and re-examines our relationship with clothing, observing how concepts of minimalism, vintage and resale change the lifecycle of the products we consume.
This theme’s sophisticated materials, relaxed fits, and utility details offer plenty of design opportunities.

This is a palette of soft natural tones, inspired by the imperfect look of organic dyes. There are numerous tonal combinations, but there is also room for contrast, with a mix of warm, bright, and cool tones. Handcrafted elements such as tooled metals, intricate weaving methods, embroidery, and hand-painted motifs will be key, and give designs a unique quality.

In footwear, appliques are given a waxy finish, in harmony with #minimalist silhouettes.


TransForm – Women/Girls
TransForm explores design at a time of global crisis, looking for light at the end of the tunnel, resulting in a modernist trend that draws on both city-dwelling and seafaring themes.
Focusing on all-black styling, tough skins, and a survivalist aesthetic.

Darker subcultural narratives such as magic and witchcraft will pave the way for a romantic look tinged with a hint of disquiet.
Yet even within this dark-souled trend, we will also see contrasting focus on light sheer fabrics and ethereal metallics for a style with minimalist lines.

TransForm balances sombre themes with a sense of optimism, which is reflected in a palette of darks and lights. Blues and greens are inspired by the ocean, while glimmers of silvery tones are inspired by precious metals, and can be used to give designs an ethereal quality.

Contrast is key. It’s imperative to play with layers, revisit natural tones.
For footwear, stacked chunky soles and a strong utility theme will continue to gain relevance.


TransForm – Men/Boys
TransForm sees menswear move between opposites, just as our vision for the future teeters between the good and bad achievements of humanity. In this direction, designs reconcile technology with nature, and balance a need for light with a fascination for the darker side of life and art.

This style takes office wear into the future and embraces sportswear materials, resulting in sophisticated and high-performance items that are smart and casual at the same time and can be worn every day.
Ultra-lightweight materials and constructions will be a key look for summer.

So we will be seeing plenty of sheer fabrics and photo collage clothing.
Colours move from light to dark – and artificial to natural – in this palette of contrasts, with a complex balance between colour tones.
Focuses on oceanic tones with an artificial edge, such as Quiet Wave and Tranquillity Blue, enriched with even darker colours.


GameScape – Women/Girls
GameScape remixes elements from the past, present and future through a virtual lens, and sees digital design gain importance, as our online and offline lives become more enmeshed.
References to 1980s video games and sportswear combine to create a new hyper- digital uniform that can be used to update both smart and casual styles.

It explores the mundanities of everyday life for graphics and apparel, focusing on a satirical and kitsch edge that ramps up the #newfemininity trend for ultra-loud ultra- feminine designs.
The bold tones of offset printing feature alongside an austere palette of greys and neutrals. Clinical greens, digital pastels, and pops of bright colour are key.

A new look is created with digital hyperreal florals, in line with the re-emergence of photographic prints.
For sneakers, we expect to see fluorescent and projection prints.


GameScape – Men/Boys
As our online and real-life existences become more and more intertwined, we will see growing cross-pollination between the two, with digital becoming increasingly important.
A virtual presence is established online through creative collaborations, tapping into the growing popularity of e-Sports and gaming.

The 1980s are seen as the cultural and aesthetic dawn of digital culture, and used to connect with a hacker’s mindset.
Colours in this trend have a saturated and artificial edge, designed to appeal on screen as much as they will in real life. These are grounded on a selection of neutral core tones, which provide a base layer of sophistication, and offer optimal contrast with bright digital colours.

To drive home the #gamergraphics message, slogans need to be added and proportions played with. Digital glitch-inspired prints update sneaker profiles. Maximalism is the key here, expressed through footwear in bold optical colours.

Pure London, Pure Origin, Scoop & Jacket Required cancel Summer editions

Pure London, Pure Origin, Scoop & Jacket Required cancel Summer editions

The current climate has changed the way we all do business and, in response to feedback from Hyve Fashion’s visitors and exhibitors, the London events – Pure London, Pure Origin, Scoop and Jacket Required – will no longer take place for their SS21 editions.

“This decision has not been easy for us to make, and we will miss welcoming our community to our market leading shows as we have done for many years.

The teams behind the events are excited to announce the launch of a brand-new, digital-only forum, Fashion Together, on 1st and 2nd September 2020. This unique online forum will be open to buyers and brands, offering access to an exclusive seminar programme and practical advice designed to educate and inform delegates.”

Pure London, Pure Origin, Scoop and Jacket Required will be back to the UK capital in time for the AW21/22 editions on 14th – 16th February 2021.