CHIC Shanghai September 2019 edition overviewCHIC Shanghai September 2019 edition overviewCHIC Shanghai September 2019 edition overview

CHIC Shanghai September 2019 edition overview

CHIC Shanghai, China’s most important fashion and lifestyle trade fair, successfully closed its September issue on September 27th. On the three days of the fair, almost 700 exhibitors from 10 countries presented themselves to the 45,000 visitors at the NECC in Shanghai on more than 62,000 square meters.

Once again, CHIC has proven to be a constant for the Chinese fashion industry and fashion retail in a rapidly changing market environment. Both Chinese and international exhibitors were satisfied and recorded direct on-site deals and an increase in order-oriented business contacts. They benefited from the extensive range of matching services offered by the trade fair organisers who have focused on optimal visitor management.

The appointment of Wenzhuo Zhao, famous Chinese kung-fu actor, as ambassador for sustainable fashion caused a stir in the re-integrated Sustainability Zone. Likewise, the sustainable hoodie collection of China’s most famous sportswear brand Li Ning, and the visit of blogger and KOL Binger.

Chen Dapeng, President of the CHIC and China National Garment Association draws a positive conclusion from the show: “CHIC is a reflection of the extremely dynamic Chinese apparel market, whose consumers are the fastest to adapt to new trends and tendencies around the world, and all market developments will be reflected at CHIC, with the fair’s service tools geared towards networking among its market partners. The Chinese market is undergoing changes to which it has not been exposed in the last hundred years: a permanently changing society shaped by the younger generation of consumers with the desire for individualization; the technological change, the digitization of the entire production and distribution chain; the increasing social and ecological responsibility of the companies. Challenges that companies have to face and keep pace with. In this environment, CHIC is the reliable basis that is used by all market participants. “

Women In Motion program by Kering launch new book: Great Women Artists

Women In Motion program by Kering launch new book: Great Women Artists

Luxury group Kering, through its Women In Motion program, is partnering with the creative arts publisher Phaidon and its sister company Artspace, a leading online marketplace, to launch the new book Great Women Artists.

The book, which is titled Great Women Artists, will feature female artists that reflects an era where art made by women is more prominent than ever. The book tells the stories of over 400 artists spanning 500 years and reveals a parallel yet equally engaging history of art for an age that champions a great diversity of voices.

Kering said in a press release it is strengthening its commitment to women in the arts. Since its creation in 2015, Women In Motion has highlighted the creativity and uniqueness of talented women whose work in the fields of arts and culture, is helping to transform our vision of the world. This support also manifests through the Kering Foundation which has been combating violence against women worldwide for over 10 years.

In celebration of Great Women Artists and with the support of Kering, Phaidon and Artspace will launch a charitable portfolio of limited-edition prints to benefit one of the Kering Foundation’s partners and aims to raise close to 1 million dollars for the non-profit Promundo-US, a leading organization in promoting gender justice, preventing violence against women by engaging boys and men as partners with women and girls.

The funds raised by Phaidon and Artspace, will support the launch of a Boyhood Campaign and Initiative co-developed by Promundo and the Kering Foundation, alongside other partners, including those focused on girls’ empowerment.

Sorona(r) faux fur debut with Stella McCartney

Sorona(r) faux fur debut with Stella McCartney

“I think that fashion is about the future, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style for sustainability,” said Stella McCartney while backstage at her Spring 2020 fashion show. That idea applied well to McCartney’s collection, a playful mash-up of Savile Row tailoring and free-spirited dresses that she considers her most sustainable offering yet, but also to a new material McCartney has developed with DuPont. Called Koba, it is the first faux fur to be made using 37% plant-based ingredients. It’s also partially made from recycled polyester that can be recycled again at the end of the product’s life. “I wanted to try to develop a faux fur that was just more sustainable,” McCartney continued, explaining that she worked hand in hand with DuPont for about 18 months to develop the Koba to her eco standards.

The soft, plush fabric made its debut at McCartney’s show, not on the runway but in the front row, where model Natalia Vodianova wore a black jacket made of Koba faux fur. The model and friend of McCartney’s styled the jacket with a pleated skirt and stiletto boots—an apt ensemble for her (also very eco) method of arriving to the show, a Lime scooter. 

Amazon to launch ‘Destination Denim’ event

Amazon to launch ‘Destination Denim’ event

Amazon will soon open door to its four-day event called “Destination Denim” which will bring technology, music and culture to the denim shopping experience. Visitors to the festival, taking place October 24th till 27th in the Kühlhaus in Berlin can participate in educational events in the form of workshops, panels and demonstrations. Musical artists including Rita Ora, Jorja Smith and Anne-Marie are slated to perform.

The extensive denim category of Amazon Fashion will be shoppable for attendees, featuring hero products from brands including Levi’s Wrangler, G-Star, Replay and 7 For All Mankind. Amazon will also offer exclusive products from Tommy Jeans, find. and Amazon Essentials.

LUZIA Paris: a new shoe project created by the French designer Michel Perry

LUZIA Paris: a new shoe project created by the French designer Michel Perry

LUZIA Paris is a new shoe project created by the French designer Michel Perry. Michel Perry decided that time is right to make a real journey into the history of fashion shoes: far from the echo of terms like “hype” and “mainstream”, and made of values, emotions, and highest artisan quality.

Flanked by a young and eclectic design team, Michel Perry begins a process a identification, decomposition, and analysis of every detail of women’s shoes before proceeding reconstruct all through an elaboration that cannot ignore the current aesthetic standards. The project is characterized by an alternative spirit devoted to experimentation.

The union of its couture and luxurious souls join together with a new and alternative experimental feeling that gives life to LUZIA Paris.

Avant Toi Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collectionAvant Toi Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collectionAvant Toi Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collectionAvant Toi Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection

Avant Toi Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection

AVANT TOI launched its new book: DESERT JOURNEY during Paris Fashion Week alongside showcasing its F/W 2020 collection.
Some consider the desert to be a non-place, due to the absence of people, structures, and to the lack of what we consider as landmarks or reference points. Those few who really know it understand instead that the desert is a true and separate dimension, capable of a wide ranging breadth of space which results almost unimaginable for those who are used to the crowded, narrow metropolitan spaces.

This almost extraterrestrial extraterritoriality is akin to Avant Toi’s artistically rebellious spirit; impossible to confine through strict canons, though it always maintains a perfectly recognizable identity. A philosophy which Avant Toi shares with the photographer Yuri Catania: sensibility, culture and personal experiences merge, mixing seriousness and mirth, in images which expose all the qualities of the fall/winter 2019-2020 collection.

A collection which is filled with color and warmth. Pure and almost heroic in the unlimited spaces of the Mohave desert, it finds itself at ease in the artistic atmosphere of the Joshua Tree Festival. A motel in the middle of nowhere appears to emerge from a Wim Wenders movie, allowing for suspended, intimate moments which portray inherent freedom and vitality. Always traversed by a powerful energy injected by these extreme conditions and locations, Avant Toi is inspired by scenarios in which apparel is the natural extension of the beauty and freedom of bodies and souls.

De Marquet presents new collections at Milan Fashion WeekDe Marquet presents new collections at Milan Fashion WeekDe Marquet presents new collections at Milan Fashion Week

De Marquet presents new collections at Milan Fashion Week

For the third time, fashion accessory brand De Marquet attended Milan Fashion Week, with not only one, but three new additions to their Night&Day universe: The De Marquet Cover Collection SS2020 will be showcased in the brand’s own Concept Store in the trendy Brera district. With the «Art Collection» and the «Jewel Collection», two new and exclusive cover lines are presented. With this, the new Night&Day Micro was also presented, which is the first Red Carpet-ready clutch to match the brand’s typical interchangeable and versatile covers. 

The Night&Day bag by De Marquet follows today’s trend: The multifunctional concept convinces with its high-quality workmanship “Made in Italy” and a contemporary, minimalist design in which the front and back of the bag are identical. With just two “clicks”, the covers can be interchanged as desired. An inspiring accessory for the fashion- conscious, sophisticated and active woman. The Night&Day line by De Marquet offers two different base sizes, the “Midi” and “Mini”, which will now be joined by the brand new and glamourous “Micro” clutch. 

The highlight of the SS2020 cover collection are the two new Limited Editions: For the Night&Day “Art Collection”, the renowned New York-based fashion illustrator and artist Izak Zenou has realized three exclusive art covers: a tribute to the timeless style and charm of Parisian women and Haute Couture. From each cover, only 50 numbered copies were made, each hand- signed by Zenou. The first Night&Day “Jewel Collection” impresses with its exclusivity and extraordinary sophistication. The precious collection was created in collaboration with the Parisian fashion jewelry house Boks&Baum and consists of unique pieces. Each cover has been hand-finished with rare semi-precious stones, selected crystal beads and the finest silk. A jewel of a bag. 

The bags and accessories of De Marquet are hand-crafted by artisans in partner ateliers in Tuscany. 

Nylon Metal: one of the most versatile fabrics born of Stone Island’s textile research

Nylon Metal: one of the most versatile fabrics born of Stone Island’s textile research

The trilobate structure of the nylon yarn, with its grey weft and white, ready-to-dye warp colours, is the basis of the distinctive metallic and tonic sheen of Nylon Metal, one of the most versatile fabrics born of Stone Island’s textile research.

An elaborate double dye procedure provides different tones, intensities and colours to the fibres and textile accessories of the garments. The Stone Island Compass patch is applied to all product families. Outerwear pieces and accessories are in Nylon Metal Watro Ripstop, resin treated inside to achieve a mild wind and water resistance.

Tommy Hilfiger x Lewis Hamilton: TOMMYXLEWIS Fall/Winter 2019 collectionTommy Hilfiger x Lewis Hamilton: TOMMYXLEWIS Fall/Winter 2019 collection

Tommy Hilfiger x Lewis Hamilton: TOMMYXLEWIS Fall/Winter 2019 collection

Tommy Hilfiger and five-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton presented the new TOMMYXLEWIS Fall/Winter 2019 collection this week, as part of a unique TOMMYNOW show in Milan. The event, with more than 500 guests, took place in the Società del Giardino and celebrated the creative gathering, blending Lewis’ fashionable street vibes with Tommy Hilfiger’s typically American DNA. 

The new styles were brought to life during a dynamic presentation – a variety of models posed on multi-level platforms and in front of infinity mirrors. The looks of the current collection are now available in more than 65 countries. They can be purchased through various online channels, including, as well as selected TOMMY HILFIGER stores or social media.

Arch & Hook introduces BLUE at London Fashion Week, the first ever hanger made of Marine Plastics

Arch & Hook introduces BLUE at London Fashion Week, the first ever hanger made of Marine Plastics

Arch & Hook, the world’s leading and only sustainable hanger brand, launches BLUE – the world’s first hanger made entirely of Marine Plastics. Created for use in the fashion industry, BLUE turns the hanger industry on its head by presenting a 100% recycled, fully closed loop alternative to source plastic for hangers.

Blue hangers are initially intended for use in the ‘garment on hanger’ (GOH) transport stage of fashion retail distribution. This unknown, unseen stage is when garments are transported from factories to stores, before being discarded for branded front of house hangers. It is estimated that 150 billion garments are produced globally every year1. There are currently no figures available for hanger production, on a local or global level. If just two thirds of these garments use GOH, this would mean that an estimated 100 billion hangers are used annually for this stage alone. The majority of these hangers are used once and 85% will end up in landfill, taking more than 1,000 years to degrade. 

“Sustainability is going to bring people together. I was very fortunate to meet Sjoerd from Arch & Hook. Together we’ve found a solution for the future of the fashion industry. Opportunities are or will be available – fashion has to come together to take action. We’re grateful to the BFC for allowing us to meet,” Roland Mouret states on the partnership between his brand and Arch & Hook.