PANORAMA BERLIN and SELVEDGE RUN are moving to Tempelhof Airport

PANORAMA BERLIN and SELVEDGE RUN are moving to Tempelhof Airport

Equipped with a clear mission, PANORAMA Berlin is relocating to Tempelhof Airport from January 2020. In light of the far-reaching changes sweeping through the fashion industry, the relevance of conventional trade fair formats as we know them is being questioned.

PANORAMA Berlin established itself as the leading tradeshow of Berlin Fashion Week in a very short time. And parallel to this, a plethora of additional purchasing channels have emerged for consumers in the retail sector in the last decade, both offline and online. Today’s consumers want to feel that they are understood and that they are be- ing met halfway when it comes to their values and attitudes.

This is where PANORAMA Berlin’s REBEL WITH A CAUSE comes in. 50% of the brands represented in bricks-and-mortar retail will no longer be around in the next ten years and new innovative ideas are already in the starting blocks! The brands and retailers who have understood that they need to make consumer values and attitudes the focus of their strategy are the ones who will be successful tomorrow.
Standing still is going backwards, simply trudging along with a “same old, same old” attitude just doesn’t cut it anymore. And that’s what PANORAMA Berlin is rebelling against. Consumers these days want clear messages and emotional experiences.

Even though the answers might sometimes hurt, we will ask the questions that help us achieve success in the future. Why are we always looking back at the past? Why are we afraid of making decisions? Why are we not concentrating on our strengths? Where’s all the courage gone?
At Tempelhof Airport, the new PANORAMA Berlin is offering space to brands that dare to challenge established structures and who realise the importance of value- oriented consumer behaviour.

The new PANORAMA Berlin is putting the spotlight on the consumers and calling for a collective uprising against the “same old, same old” mentality.