Paul & Shark – save the sea

Paul & Shark – save the sea

The Paul & Shark Autumn Winter 2020 collection expresses the brand’s authentic spirit through advanced technologies, materials of the highest quality and a highly topical design, to achieve unmatched performance.

The same technical expertise and strategic vision that give victories at sea are reflected in the quality of the materials and the expert techniques used by Paul & Shark to offer garments with a functional and refined style.

The brand expresses its loyalty to the pivotal element of its imagination, the sea, through a collection with an eco-sustainable approach, aimed at respecting the environment and reducing the impact on planet. The ambitious goal was to produce at least 50% of the collection with recycled and environmental friendly materials; the challenge has been met.


SAVE THE SEA TYPHOON: performance and sustainability

The raw material of the fabrics engineered by Paul & Shark is derived from recycled elements including post-consumer plastic bottles that pollute the seas. The result is a

fabric that guarantees thermal insulation, waterproof insulation and protection from the wind, comfort and lightness, while also limiting negative impacts on the environment.


The iconic Peacoat has been made from recycled wool for the first time. The Eco Wool reduces CO2 emissions, toxic emissions from incinerators, intensive exploitation of sheep and of the land used for grazing. The Peacoat is also treated with BIONIC-FINISH technology.

7 DEN X 1000 FP

These materials are among the most innovative: the 7 denier microfiber in 100% nylon meets the goose down 1000 power fill, the warmest available today. Nylon and goose down are the perfect union to maintain body heat and ensure isolation from water and cold.


Outerwear in the collection is filled with recycled feathers. A “new life” of the raw material leaves its softness and technical characteristics intact.


This all the wool knitwear and outerwear collection uses certified Cruelty Free fabrics from Tasmania. Paul & Shark has selected the Beaufront estate for wool sourcing, one of the best producers in the world that guarantees the high quality and traceability of its fibers.