PITTI UOMO trends for Classic Menswear S/S 2015

Sartorial tradition plus innovation equals summer elegance for the new gentleman. Outfits that
are extraordinarily light in weight and feel, but also in tones and looks. Bold patterns move over
and make way for sophisticated simplicity in suits and jackets: mock-solids and barely
perceptible micro-patterns, elegant jacquard effects that become clear on a closer look just like
the subdued ton-sur-ton Prince of Wales and other checks. The cool, almost impalpable fabrics
are the result of long and meticulous studies. Soft, lightweight cotton-and-silk, cotton-and-linen,
and pure cotton are present in subtle, textured weaves or enhanced by soft, overall floral or
necktie prints on the outside, on the linings or under the collar. Knitted looks, with a vintage air
and very fine textures create soft, three-dimensional surface effects. Young and updated
double-breasted and two button jackets with wide lapels play leading roles. As for accessories,
the vest is an established must-have be it patterned or printed, contrasting with the jacket, it
enlivens the look and trims the silhouette combining practicality, comfort and sophistication.

The season’s undisputed star is blue and not just as the key to elegance. With its infinite range
of shades – especially bluette, electric blue and Mediterranean blue – it is the perfect solution
for formal and informal, for classic and sportswear, for ready-to-wear and accessories. Denims
from carbon paper blue to aviator tones bring “old” and “new” together in shirts for every
occasion – from casual to under a tuxedo. British heritage royal blue dresses up ties and light
summer scarves with a Real Ancient Madder printing. Indigo with white evokes the sea, on hats
inspired by the Amalfi Cost, on délavé tailor-made trousers or on swimwear with photographic
prints. And it’s still blue – ton sur ton on faux-solid vests, micro-prints and sophisticated jacquard
effects on very understated suits and jackets. Last but not least, there is navy – traditional and
central to summer – with an innovative twist of vertical and horizontal strips for a modern sailor
look with skinny pants, structured blazers, herringbone sweats and glasses with colored lenses.
Color blocking sets the pace for the season with shades of blue, from ultramarine to cobalt and
steel paired with acid yellow and asphalt black.

Classic footwear becomes über chic. On dress shoes, hand-buffing creates colors and nuances
on natural split cowhide uppers . Laser-cut patterns – holes, outlined flowers and swallowtails –
lend an exclusive touch when used alongside of stitching. Easy, yet bold lines, rounded toes
and two-tone combinations in warm colors for oxfords, derby boots and double-buckle shoes
punctuate summer for the contemporary gentleman with a touch of elegance for every occasion.
The slip-on is practically a single product, a total success in every possible version: from suede
to buffed crocodile, from mini-geometric natural cotton and raffia weaves, to calf and nappa
combinations all the way to calfskin with a waxed patina. Right there, next to bold blues, reds
and greens are shades that recall natures own colors: sage, dark brown and sand. The suedeand-
canvas combo informs the City Running project: light natural colors light up the upper over
a rubber bottom stock with leather inserts.