Richard J. Brown FW 21/22 CollectionRichard J. Brown FW 21/22 Collection

Richard J. Brown FW 21/22 Collection

Richard J. Brown’s F/W 21-22 collection explores everything from urban origins to the borders of unexplored territories. From metropolitan contexts to rural and original dimensions. An elegant taste and refined comfort. A sense of personality and harmony of well-being. Contemporary denim interprets the essence of today and anticipates the innovation of tomorrow. It underlines the thread of tradition, reciting new narratives, post-modern trends, evolved costumes. It speaks of a strong character that is surprising and encloses expectations, emotions, hopes, perspectives. It becomes versatile and modular, a skilled expert in everyday life and on every exceptional occasion.

Denim winter soul, the even grittier fabrics, able to express, through their weft and warp weave, their temperament with even more power, without ever giving up the excellent performance. Elegance and quality continue to be the cornerstones of the collection. Traditional blue and black denim, available in different washes, flannel, moleskin and corduroy are combined with more unusual fabrics, enriched by more important flame coupling, for more sporty and dynamic versions, enhancing the idea of authentic denim.

Made with precious fabrics and lined with flannel, the RJB total look project moves forward with the new Steve, a new version of the denim jacket with classic shapes and creative details, finishes and choice of materials that look to the world of luxury. Cuts and creases, patch and slanted pockets, new lacquered horn buttons as well as the traditional jointed ones. An ideal Mix&Match for interchangeable weights and colours.

The chromatic panorama is reminiscent of different and complementary worlds, as if outlined by the decisive and rhythmic movement of a light swing. Mélange effects and contrasts recall boundless Nordic scenarios, amid water reflections, tundra and Canadian prairies, conifers, and millenary rocks.

Dark brown, bark, burgundy maple, and turtledove shine out. The luxury display moves to the English countryside and develops shades of beige, camel, forest green, sage and moss. The urban stage moves between royal blue, cream, cobalt, pearl grey and smoke, between energy and dynamism, flow and productive circulation.

The patched proclaim their identity role resulting from a constant pursuit for innovation and perfection. Novelties are the ostrich effect printed leather versions with metal finishes set in copper or silver plated, as well as the reinterpretation of the flannel patches with a heat- applied silver-plated logo.