Stone Island introduces Polypropylene Denim collection

Stone Island presents Polypropylene Denim; a new interpretation of a classic. Polypropylene, a material with antibacterial properties, is the lightest available fibre on earth. 

Even very bulky garments made in this material astonish for their specific lightness. These denim cloth weaves a polypropylene yarn into an indigo dyed cotton warp. The result is a denim tela with a drastically reduced weight: it has the look of a 19 ounces material but weighs only 10. 

The jumpsuit, the outerwear pieces, the trousers and backpack of the Stone Island collection have undergone the DARK treatment, a manual sanding and light stonewash as well as an enzyme wash. 

The Polypropylene Indigo knit is made by weaving yarns, an innovative technique from the knitwear industry. For this project a yarn was especially created from indigo dyed polypropylene and cotton yarn with chain construction.

The Indigo Fleece features the WASH treatment.