Sustainable denim, from start to finish by CLOSED

Sustainable denim, from start to finish by CLOSED

CLOSED’s denim line ‘A BETTER BLUE’ is focused on sustainability from beginning to end. Now in its second generation, the eco-friendly line A BETTER BLUE uses sustainable materials – such as cellulose fibres, organic cotton and recycled fabrics – as well as innovative dyeing methods and new wash techniques. Keeping every step more sustainable, from start to finish.

Dyeing technique: Kitotex is a patented technology that drastically reduces water, energy and chemical consumption of the dyeing process and focuses on biological methods. The central aspect is the focus on chitosan, a natural polymer found in the shell of shrimp.

Material: Organic cotton is made using 70 per cent less water and 60 per cent less energy than conventionally grown cotton. Neither genetically modified seeds nor toxic chemicals are used in its production. Growing organic cotton does not have a negative impact on farmland; it also generates fewer harmful emissions.

Washing technique: Laser has the power to produce very different shades of blue. With lasers you can achieve patchy as well as flat effects in a vintage look. Conventional washing processes are accelerated or even completely replaced by the use of lasers which reduces the use of water and chemicals.

Material: TENCEL from sustainable resources. Raw materials are sourced from sustainably managed woodlands which do not need irrigation, fertilisers or pesticides. The fibres are manufactured in a closed process whereby the water and solvents are almost completely reused. TENCEL— REFIBRA is a special lyocell fibre, made using both wood pulp and 30 per cent recycled cotton waste.