The Denim Window: A showcase of denim innovationThe Denim Window: A showcase of denim innovation

The Denim Window: A showcase of denim innovation

The Denim Window is a showcase of denim innovation where denim connects companies to brands and promote the denim industry through events and showcases.

When you walk into The Denim Window you will have the opportunity to learn about all the steps involved in creating a final garment. In this one place, you will find fabric mills, garment makers, chemical suppliers, fibre producers, trims.

Each company showing at The Denim Window will be the only one for a particular product category and geographic area so as not to create competition but rather stimulate great collaborations. Silvia Rancani, the curator of the showroom, both coordinates a collection’s calendar and presents rend directions for the participating companies in order to make a cohesive environment for events and one-to-one meetings.

“I would like to create a casual and cozy environment where people of denim hangout, either producers or designers will get in touch and share knowledge” – Silvia Rancani