Tommy Hilfiger announces its Fall/Winter 2016 Hilfiger Denim campaign

Tommy Hilfiger’s new Fall/Winter 2016 Hilfiger Denim global advertising campaign called ’24/7 Hailey Baldwin & Lucky Blue Smith’ follows the two models and influencers on a 24-hour adventure through Los Angeles, California. From cruising down Sunset Boulevard to a pit-stop at the iconic Pink’s Hot Dogs, the campaign’s concept opens the door to a unique perspective on the brand, the influencers and the city of L.A. to consumers everywhere. Celebrating a millennial-minded spirit, the campaign engages consumers and interacts with them through a new digital approach.

The concept kicked off in April 2016, when Hailey, Lucky and Bryant Eslava, Hilfiger Denim’s social campaign photographer, invited their social media followers to send creative Snapchats to @TommyHilfiger for an opportunity to attend the campaign photo shoot.