WeAr reports live from Who’s Next and Premiere ClasseWeAr reports live from Who’s Next and Premiere ClasseWeAr reports live from Who’s Next and Premiere Classe

WeAr reports live from Who’s Next and Premiere Classe

Etienne Cochet, General Manager of Who’s Next and Premiere Classe, has opened the show saying: “There is an uplifting attitude in Paris as a whole and one can feel this positive atmosphere on our show. People are buying here and we still offer a return on investment for our exhibitors.”

There are a number of novelties introduced in this season’s show.

This year’s Who’s Next is under the Girl Squad theme to represent and highlight Generation Z with its girl's squad. This new consumer group is reinventing clothes, which can be seen throughout fashion and accessories. They are more positive and have an increased community thinking. At the same time, they are harder to understand for brands. Who’s Next continuously assists retailers and brands alike with conferences and guides to better understand and target this all important target group, which is the consumer of the future. All conferences can be followed on their Facebook page live.

New pop-up stores throughout the show’s halls display especially home and lifestyle items. The aim was to highlight consumer worlds and connect B2B with B2C.

Together with Parisian streetwear retailer Citadium, the organization called for application for young designers and offered 10 of them space at the show but also at the retailer itself. That way the brands can experience B2B and B2C. The show aims also for the September show to minimize the gap between B2B and B2C.

Sylvie Pourrat, Show Director of Premiere Classe, highlighted that in the accessory segment, the classical trade show segment is not enough anymore. “We are right now in the progress to find new solutions. For now, we have created new layouts, creating new pathways through the shows but also different booth models to let the designer’s creativity flow freely. We highlighted accessories within the Urban hall to offer new formats to our exhibitors. An example is Mellow Yellow, which is presenting within Premiere Classe as well as in the Trendy area of Who’s Next, to link both, fashion and accessory, segments together. This is making the journey for buyers easier and their shop more dynamic. We want to help buyers to find new products and merchandise.”

In terms of brands, 70% are international, notably a big amount from Italy but also from India and South Korea, displaying highly creative collections at approachable prices.

Mixed within established brands are young talents to offer retailers an optimal brand portfolio to satisfy consumer’s demand for both – commercial brands but also individual outfits.

New features for buyers specifically are welcome desks, personal shopping for retailers, as well as frequently asked questions published two weeks prior to the show’s start. Topics such as activewear, big sizes, shoes and leatherware including price points and other buyer-relevant information are covered. There is also an easy to sell selection at affordable prices and good margins at the entrance of hall 7.1 where retailers can buy SS17 items and expect delivery within three weeks. Also introduced is a curvy section partnered with a blogger specialised in cool bigger sized brands. 

WeAr has cooperated with Who's Next – visit us in the Retail Expert Lounge.