Who’s Next evolvesWho’s Next evolvesWho’s Next evolvesWho’s Next evolves

Who’s Next evolves

The recent Who’s Next has officially closed yesterday, with many brand impressions from French brands, like leather jacket label Zapa, or the lifestyle label Bensimon, both of which presenting impressive collections. Also Trench & Coat presented an interesting take on the classic trench-coat and added French flair to it.

But aside seeing French labels, and visitors, there was an increasing international presence at the show. Who’s Next has continued its collaboration with the Japanese department store Laforet.

Laforet’s team showed in an impressive installation some of its brands and brought the Japanese flair to the capital of fashion.

The trade show was separated into 5 areas showing a total of 700 RTW brands that ranged from the German Annette Görz to the Chinese YI Project.

In addition to Who’s Next, the venue also saw Première Classe presenting accessory and footwear brands. Buyers had the chance to combine both shows easily in one visit and get an impression of what the international market had to offer in this area, too.

What has received increasing interest from visitors was the conference area that was organised by the trade shows and was held within the Première Classe area.

From success stories told by leading retailers to tips and tricks how social media can help retailers, or trend talks. This concept offered that retailers can inform themselves over and above their usual buying route and improve their business.

Talking to Aude Chabanier, Who’s Next’s new show director, it became very apparent that the trade show is aiming to be even more international, professional and help the industry in every possible way: from services, to education.

New areas were established where tech fashion start-ups presented their concepts which is ever more important in this changing world.

With these new changes ahead, it will be a highly interesting show to follow on the international trade show calendar.


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