Readymade-color SS 17

Spring/Summer 2017
ready-madecolour shows 18 month in advance the important colour trends for fashion and interior, for trade and industry. 6 colour-/trendthemes with about 8 colours each, reflecting the desires of todays consumers. With its extensive colour samples of woven cotton poplin, lustrous viscose satin, matte cotton yarn, inspirational fabric swatches and trimmings ready-madecolour helps to easily immerse into its themes and moods and to adapt them to own requirements.
ready-madecolour summarized:
date of issue: end of June for spring/summer and end of December for autumn/winter
arranged by 6 colour-/trendthemes, fully illustrated with short introductions
keywords for a quick overview and some quotes to underline the philosophy
• all colours as cotton swatches on removable cardboard stripes with Pantone®-Reference
• additional cotton swatches of 90 x 90 mm for your own colourcards
• all colours as lustrous viscose satin tape
• all colours as matte cotton fibres
• NEW inspiring pics with additional informations and fabric swatches
• key colours & key harmonies to show the essential 3-4 colours of each theme
• 2 – 3 colour subthemes/submoods with illustrating products & lifestyle worlds for each trend-theme
• precise colour harmonies
• product related inspiration
• ring-binder for easy handling of the daily design work
• separate colour cards „A Feminine World“, „A Masculine World&ldquo , „An Active World&ldquo and „An Interior World“
• general colour card with 64 colours, organized in colour families
• DVD with all mood and inspirational pictures

Product forms Description
1790.00 €  •  1 year (incl. tax / excl. shipping)
1790.00 €  •  1 year (excl. tax / excl. shipping)
Product forms Description
995.00 €  •  Single copy (excl. tax / excl. shipping)

Fashion Workbook/Professional Edition
Brands-Trends-Stores & Design
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