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ready-madepattern, a seasonal forecast for print & pattern design, is accordingly arranged to the themes of ready-madecolor. It contains about 120 royalty-free designs (allover-designs as well as placed prints) together with extensive print inspiration by a vast amount pictures. Supporting keywords per theme are giving more new ideas for creative people.
With its textile focus this book is of special use for printers, jacquard weavers,garment manufacturers, trading companies and interior-, packaging- and multimedia-designers. Moreover ready-madepattern is of interest for all persons with a need of 2-dimensional designs.
ready-madepattern summarized:
• date of issue January and July
• about 120 royalty-free designs
• all designs as pixel file and vector-file!
• most designs with additional layers
• arranged by 8 fashion/color-themes with Pantone references
• 12 topics per theme
• each allover-design as perfect repeat
• DVD-ROM with all designs in *.tif-format and in *.ai-format tif-files, saved as a single perfect repeat

Product forms Description
1290.00 €  •  Single copy (excl. tax / excl. shipping)

Fashion Workbook/Professional Edition
Brands-Trends-Stores & Design
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