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Inspiration & Ideas!

Inspiration & Ideas are the core of a successful product and the same applies to every print range. With this new layout we want to give the inspiration the same high profile as our designs. For each topic you get a comprehensive mood-board for your inspiration and an exemplary range of designs from fashion to interior. Additional keywords are completing the mood.

All designs (ai- & tif-files) & all mood-boards you will find on the attached DVDs.

The coloration of all design is reflecting ready-mades colourthemes for spring/summer 2017. More information about ready-made‘s colour themes you will find in ready-madecolour spring/summer 2017. A huge additional trend poster shows the colours and an extract of the mood for each of the 6 themes. Place it on the wall in your studio and you have a perfect overview of the upcoming season.

We provide all designs in two formats: pixel and vector. Besides the well-known tif-files you get vectorized versions of all print designs. Please be aware, that there might be differences between the pixel artwork and the vectorized version.

Many designs come with multiple layers, which give you the opportunity to work with separate parts of these designs itself.

All vector designs are saved as ai-files. There are two different kinds of vector-files which you will find depending on the design:

A: Designs created as a genuine vector design will show no difference to the outcome in this book.

B: Designs created as a pixel design are vectorized later on. There will be more or less differences between the pixel-version and the vector-version. Fine detail, soft transitions or certain colour information of the pixel artwork might get lost in the vector version.

In each theme you will find different aspects and technicques to show you the wide range of possible designs.


120 royalty free designs, especially developed to use as they are or as starting point for your own design work.

All designs are done at least with 300 dpi. The ai-files of each design are amendable in size with no loss.

All designs are saved as pixel-file (*.tif) and as vector-file (*.ai) on attached DVD.

Technical data as size, number of colours and the repeat at each design.

To get an idea of the applied design you will find filled in product images.

All moodboards included on attached DVD

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2299.00 €  •  1 year (incl. tax / excl. shipping)
2299.00 €  •  1 year (excl. tax / excl. shipping)
Product forms Description
1290.00 €  •  Single copy (excl. tax / excl. shipping)

Fashion Workbook/Professional Edition
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