ready-madeweaves ss 2017

With additional vector-files & palette-colour-files! With this editionready-made supplieson the attached DVD three different file formats (*.ai, *.tif, *.jpg) to enablere-colouring to your own colour themes easily.ready-madeweaves gives you a truely wide selection ofnearly 400 designs perfectly fitting the autumn and winter moods of tomorrow. Browse through all of the designs and start to work directly with the supplied data or feel inspired designing your own fashionable range of yarn-dyed fabrics. Technical aspects in detail:

The weaving of each design is mentioned or described directly at the design.

The number of used colors for warp and weft are mentioned directly at each design, e.g. 4 x 4 colors

For each design you will get the yarn-density, yarncount for warp and weft per inch and the respective

conversion in the metrical system

All used dobbies you will find on the accompanying DVD as small bitmaps (bmp-file) of a single repeat

For complicatedjacquard-pattern you will get an additional tif-file with the respective print-pattern in substituted colors. This will enable you to do your own conversion from print to jacquard

The DVD-ROM contains all designs in three file formats:

*.ai -file for Adobe®Illustrator and other vector based software

*.tif -file in indexed colour mode for Adobe®Photoshop and other pixel based software

*.jpg -file in RGB mode for Adobe®Photoshop and other pixel based software

* The DVD-ROM contains the small program Penelope®-Reader which enables you to create repeatable pictures of all designs as a jpg-file which you can save to your hard-disk. From there they can be imported into your design-, image-manipulation and illustration programs

Additionally for all user of Penelope®-software you‘ll find the necessary database.

Publishing date: end of February for autumn/winter and end of August for spring/summer

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2300.00 €  •  1 year (incl. tax / excl. shipping)
2300.00 €  •  1 year (excl. tax / excl. shipping)
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1290.00 €  •  Single copy (excl. tax / excl. shipping)

Fashion Workbook/Professional Edition
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