6-7-8 Geo!

On your marks, get set, go! This collection of designs shows an amazing variety of geometrics. It‘s a stunning firework of rhythm and colour. From Minimals and midsized tiles to large free compositions there are allovers for many occasions. Between serenity and dynamic, order and chaos you will find designs for every need.

Be inspired by the careless optimism of the 60ies, the grids and hatchings of Roy Lichtenstein and moved by the kinetics of Optical Art. Feel impressed by the opulent ornaments of the 70ies and their expressive boldness. Indulge in dynamic overlays and moving transitions. Go with the fun and joy of Memphis and the uninhibited praise of the triangle of the 80ies.

138 newly developed designs
138 fully vectorized designs
138 royalty-free, ready-to-use

all designs saved as *.ai, *.cdr and *.eps-files
suitable for Adobe-Illustrator, CorelDraw and other vector-based graphic software
additional inspirational photos
each design as full repeat
necessary data for drop
DVD-ROM enclosed

ring-binder for easy handling of the daily design workportrait: 297mm x 210mm

Product forms Description
249.00 €  •  Single copy (excl. tax / excl. shipping)

Fashion Workbook/Professional Edition
Brands-Trends-Stores & Design
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