Abstract patterns are manifold: a play of lines and hatchings, squares and geometrical elements, an explosion of structures and effects…, there are unlimited possibilities. Especially the surfaces of the things that surround us with all their respective structures can be an inspiration for many beautiful and interesting patterns: from strong contrasts like the Zebra-pattern to the soft muting of fur, from powerful brushstrokes to vivid speckles, there is a whole world between expressive pattern and faux-unis.

146 newly developed designs
146 fully vectorized designs
146 royalty-free, ready-to-use
all designs saved as *.ai, *.cdr and *.eps-files
suitable for Adobe-Illustrator, CorelDraw and other vector-based graphic software
additional inspirational photos
each design as full repeat
necessary data for drop
DVD-ROM enclosed
ring-binder for easy handling of the daily design work
portrait: 297mm x 210mm

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249.00 €  •  Single copy (excl. tax / excl. shipping)

Fashion Workbook/Professional Edition
Brands-Trends-Stores & Design
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