Stone Island 40th Anniversary KitStone Island 40th Anniversary Kit

Stone Island 40th Anniversary Kit

A comprehensive collection of garments inspired by the Stone Island Archive, made in a special edition for the 40th Anniversary. Only available as a kit.

Backpack in RASO GOMMATO COVER NERO BIO, made of 100% organic cotton coupled with polymers deriving from 52% biomass, hence components of biological origin. Garment dyed with the addition of an anti-drop agent without perfluorocarbons. Two outer pockets featuring the Archive iconic rubber patch with flap and snap fastening. The top closure flap, with strap and buckle, features a squared rubber patch with Stone Island lettering.

Inside the backpack:

– Long-sleeve crewneck T-Shirt in 24/1 raw cotton. Horizontal striped bust and Stone Island lettering on chest. Solid-colour sleeves with elbows featuring the rounded print taken from the iconic Archive rubber patch. Garment dyed.

– Swim trunks in cotton nylon canvas. All-over pigment print featuring vertical segmented striped motif and Stone Island lettering. Over dyed

– Joggers in 24/1 raw cotton. Rounded print taken from the iconic Archive rubber patch at knees. Pigment printed waistband, blue outside and pinstriped inside, with drawstring. Garment dyed.

– Short-sleeve polo sweatshirt in cotton terry. Terry face inside, horizontal segmented striped motif and Stone Island lettering outside. Two metal buttons at neck fastening. Garment dyed.

– Short-sleeve crewneck T-Shirt in 24/1 raw cotton. Small embroidered motif on the neckline, under the sleeve and sides. Stone Island Marina print on chest. Garment dyed.

AlphaTauri presents Spring/Summer 2023 at Pitti Uomo in Florence

AlphaTauri presents Spring/Summer 2023 at Pitti Uomo in Florence

In a combined space of more than 100m2 across the “Mobile Innovation Lab” – a flexible brand experience space – and the directly adjacent lounge, AlphaTauri presents the new Spring/Summer 2023 collection, enriched as usual with functional details and innovative features. Visitors to Florence’s Pitti Uomo can expect a sophisticated collection with many innovations. With a collection that is almost twice as large as SS22, AlphaTauri offers more styles, more possible combinations and more trans-seasonal styles. The total number of knit products has increased by 20% and there are more different qualities available in the 3D knit collection. In addition to the basic performance yarns, these include Cashmax, PrimaLoft and a Tencel- blended yarn. For the first time, apple leather is used for accessories. Apple leather is a vegan alternative to animal leather and is made from recycled materials in a saffiano structure. The Spring/Summer 2023 Collection will be delivered over two delivery windows. 

“Our collection development continues at pace and we receive a lot of positive feedback! We have founded our core competencies around innovative outerwear and 3D knit and presenting them in complete looks. These product groups are already very popular with our national and international trading partners. Of course we are very happy about this!” says Ahmet Mercan, AlphaTauri CEO. 

As well as being represented in German-speaking countries, since Autumn/Winter 2022 the brand has been distributed across many more European countries. For Spring/Summer 2023, the newly-added markets are to be consolidated, while the network is expanded both within and outside of Europe. The second half of 2022 will also see the opening of the company’s first flagship store in the London district of Knightsbridge. There is also a strong focus on the development of online trade, both through the company’s own website and via key partners. 

NEW! WeAr Global Magazine Issue 71NEW! WeAr Global Magazine Issue 71NEW! WeAr Global Magazine Issue 71NEW! WeAr Global Magazine Issue 71NEW! WeAr Global Magazine Issue 71NEW! WeAr Global Magazine Issue 71NEW! WeAr Global Magazine Issue 71NEW! WeAr Global Magazine Issue 71

NEW! WeAr Global Magazine Issue 71

Brand new issue 71 of WeAr Global Magazine is now out!

WeAr highlights in this special issue the opportunities for brands and retailers NFTs and the Metaverse (Web3) offers to the industry. How retailers, brands and designers can profit and which first steps to take. Additionally a special NFT give-away gives readers the opportunity to be gifted NFTs (limited amount available only).


Get your copy of WeAr Global Magazine 71, in print or digital here!


Interview – Martijn Hagman CEO Tommy Hilfiger about Pushing Digital Boundaries

Interview – Martijn Hagman CEO Tommy Hilfiger about Pushing Digital Boundaries

by: Shamin Vogel

WeAr interviews Martijn Hagman, CEO Tommy Hilfiger Global & PVH Europe on the potential of the metaverse, future of retail, brand strategies, crypto, sustainability, loyalty programs in the NFT world, and the phygital world.

What was your essential incentive to enter the metaverse in its early stage?
For a few years now, we have been at the forefront of exploring digital innovations. We are stepping into an inspiring and exciting new era of commerce that offers endless opportunities to connect with consumers in the digital and physical worlds. We stay strongly committed to our consumers by creating brand experiences that are authentic and unexpected, while encouraging them to express their individuality.

What is Tommy Hilfiger’s attitude towards digital fashion and NFTs?
Digital fashion is stronger and more appealing than ever — from 3D product development to the digitalization of the supply chain, to self-expression through an avatar. By increasing our investments in digital, we can enhance and improve our sustainability efforts in many ways. For instance, when it comes to the consumer, offering direct interactions and personalization, through to a complete virtual wardrobe experience. NFTs are a big part of this new digital space, which can add incredible value to the community and our brand. We see NFTs bringing the next iteration of brand access, membership, and loyalty, while also providing new opportunities for collaborations through projects, digital artists, and innovators in this space.

Can you explain how you will adapt your strategy to fit the current phygital trends?
There is an undeniable acceleration in the merger of digital and physical worlds. Web3 will continue to evolve, pushing brands to break barriers and lead the industry with new experiences that surprise and excite consumers. We are currently developing our metaverse strategy, which will be a clear indicator of how we continue to innovate in phygital brand experiences that add value to our business and bring us closer to consumers. At the same time, we are leveraging technology in our physical stores to enhance the omnichannel experience.

Will the metaverse help tap into a new consumer group that previously was not a prime target group for fashion companies?
The metaverse has opened the door for us to engage with new consumers we wouldn’t otherwise reach using traditional channels. It’s also allowing us to stay connected to our current fans in more inclusive, new, and exciting ways by offering virtual fashion that gives a whole new meaning to “universal” clothing. One of the great aspects of the metaverse is its inclusive nature, which connects to our brand values of “Welcoming All.”

As a pioneer in Web3, which lessons have you learned? What can be improved to achieve a holistic experience for consumers?
Over time, digital will become the leading sphere of everything we do and making sure we have a well-thought-out strategy is key to success. One key takeaway so far is not to get swept away with the fear of missing an opportunity. There are many new ways to connect with consumers on a whole new level, giving them access to the brand in experiential and personal ways. The key is to be strategic and considerate, to understand what they want, and deliver at the right moment.

How do you see the future of cryptocurrency and fashion intersecting?
It’s already happening — some brands are accepting cryptocurrency, others are offering digital wearable NFTs, and some are just observing. The e-commerce landscape will change, cryptocurrencies will be just another payment method available. Once blockchain protocols become more consumer-centric, shopping will become much simpler. Right now, the instability of crypto must be carefully considered when thinking of traditional retail.

Brands have started to issue NFTs together with roadmaps, tying them directly to brand loyalty. Will this be the ultimate future of using NFTs, or do you see other options for fashion companies, which live from one-off purchases thus far?
As we continue to seek innovative ways to connect with the community, NFTs can be powerful allies for membership and loyalty programs. The overall demand for NFTs is progressively increasing, presenting an opportunity for them to evolve from simple collectibles to utility assets – think of exclusive access to clubs, communities, and virtual or in-person experiences. By creating exciting NFTs that unlock exclusive brand experiences we can stay more connected with consumers in new and unforeseen ways. Looking ahead, NFTs could be the central digital touchpoint between brands and consumers – one that can be fully controlled by brands.

Looking to the future, will you create specific collections with different aesthetic approaches for the physical and the virtual stores?
We are already on this path – our recent Roblox collaboration presented exclusive virtual items that were very well received by the community. We will continue to explore partnerships that enable us to create these smaller digital capsules which allow us to interact with a new generation of consumers. Be it by collaborating with digital players, or developing our own collections, there are great opportunities when it comes to creating fully digital products that defy the laws of physics — customization can not only empower fans to celebrate their individuality, but also builds long-term loyalty.

What would the perfect phygital world look like?
I am passionate about the word “phygital” and what it represents – the heights we can reach are endless. Breaking boundaries and having an innovative mindset are critical to creating a phygital world. The shift to a digital-first mentality will become the norm and we are already seeing the integration of physical and digital becoming more and more realistic – digital activations in-store, virtual initiatives that deliver physical products to your door, and many others. We are committed to investing in innovations that will bridge the gap between online and offline in exciting ways, not only to our consumers, but also in upgrading internal processes and operations.

Congratulations on finding the QR Code to hopefully get one of the limited numbers of NFTs that Tommy Hilfiger and artist Gigi Gorlova made available to WeAr readers. Each supplied 71 NFTs, for WeAr issue 71, as a gift to our readers. Scan the QR Code and follow the instructions. Kindly understand that due to the limited number not everyone can get one of the NFTs.

INTERVIEW – A Rendezvous with Immersive Fashion: Iris van Herpen

Photo Credit :Iris van Herpen. Photo by Luigi and Iango.

INTERVIEW – A Rendezvous with Immersive Fashion: Iris van Herpen

by: Kristina Gligorovska

Iris van Herpen is a frontrunner in interweaving technology into fashion design. Everything she designs comprises innovation, mirroring the world we live in. For this edition of WeAr, she speaks about her vision of the future of fashion.

WeAr: How do you feel about experimenting with hybrid scenarios which seem to be the right formula for the fashion industry today?

I love thinking and creating in hybrid realities. The designs challenge our notion of reality, playing with the perception of the future and past. Haute Couture has an incredible history of craftsmanship, yet by entwining new technologies into them, the designs are showing a futuristic perspective of identity and materiality. I search for symbiotic relationships within my designs, exploring the hidden beauty at the intersection of the artificial and the organic, nature and technology, combining a thread and a needle with high-tech to symbiotically blend them. This philosophy of duality has interestingly been ground in all my designs. This philosophy of duality has interestingly been ground to all my designs from the beginning. So the current technological evolution into the metaverse is a natural one. In the digital designs, we can express this duality even further and the full vision of concept and inspiration is extended into the whole space around and beyond the body.

Synesthesia collection runway. Photo by Michel Zoeter.



WeAr: Being a couturier, you fuse multi-disciplinary technologies with refined artisanal craftmanship, echoing immersive sensory experiences. Is it possible to transfer that notion to digital clothes?

Absolutely, in all the designs and shows, I’m exploring performance and metamorphoses. The designs transform through motion and often seem to defy the laws of our physical reality. Through my dance background, I learned that movement and transformation are our most powerful language of seduction. Designing digitally is so exciting because I can push the boundaries of surrealism, motion, and metamorphosis even more. Multiple realities can apply at the same time in one garment. And a garment becomes a story through time, like music. Through the mixed reality transition I’m working on, I want to create synaesthetic experiences. Synaesthesia is when our senses are mixed, you can feel sounds or taste colors, for example. I have a bit of synaesthesia as when I hear beautiful music, I start seeing patterns. This multi-sensorial experience is what I want to give people through my mixed reality experiences. Twelve years ago, I made my Synesthesia collection, dreaming of shifting the public sensorial reality. The time for such an emotional shift is becoming possible now.

WeAr: You connect with your clients on many levels when creating garments. How do you achieve a holistic experience for a customer in the metaverse?

Very good question. The metaverse is developing, and it is inspiring to bring the client’s journey into the metaverse in the near future and bring them even closer to the creative process, from sketch to final stitches. Currently, clients visit the atelier one, two or three times for fitting; at that moment, they have a glimpse of the process. In the future, they will be able to visit our metaverse atelier with their avatar, experiencing all the key moments of the process as they would during the physical fittings in the atelier in Amsterdam. They will experience our mixed reality show in Paris, seeing physical models and mixed reality performances with digital designs combined. This is an overwhelming experience that they will be able to experience again at home afterwards. Before we start our client’s custom design journey, the client visits the Iris van Herpen metaverse museum. They walk through all the archive pieces and experience performances and shows to fully dive into our DNA to be immersed in the creative vision and start imagining their new IVH design.

WeAr: Everything you design comprises technology and innovation, mirroring the world we live in. Your approach speaks at a great level to a younger generation – the early adopters of the metaverse. Do you plan to enter the metaverse/the NFT world?

Absolutely! We have been working on this for two years now. As a perfectionist, I want the metaverse designs and performances to be as wholesome and detailed as the physical Haute Couture. Part one will be unveiled in two months.

WeAr: You are a prominent voice for sustainability. In your opinion, does the metaverse hold solutions to the environmental problems created by the fashion industry?

Indeed, the big promise of the metaverse and digital designs is that brands will first release their collections digitally, their customers can respond, and the brand will know which designs are popular. This selection will then be produced physically. A major flaw in the traditional fashion system is the inexact matching of supply and demand. Between 30 and 40 percent of all the garments produced are never sold – take a moment to realize this. Creating the collections digitally first can tackle the entire overproduction.
We – IVH, only do Haute Couture, meaning we only create what is ordered by our clients and therefore have zero overproduction. With the metaverse blooming, this can become a reality for every brand. Their customers can try on the digital creations on their avatar and order the pieces they love, and only the loved looks are produced physically.

Synesthesia collection. Photo by Michel Zoeter.



WeAr: We hear very often that we need to rethink the fashion system. What would be the right way to grasp the potential of technology to amplify progress?

The system is utterly broken. It is painful to know how badly it functions and it needs to transform radically. Three things need to change: production, materials, and behavior.
Production: as mentioned above, 30 to 40 percent of the annual 148 million tons (estimated) of garments produced end up in landfill before being worn. This can be avoided by having consumers choose their favorite designs in the metaverse, they can wear the looks they love, go out, share it online with their community, and brands can transparently monitor what needs to be produced physically.
Materials: all brands can create entirely from sustainable materials; full transparency is needed to change each brand’s behavior. The blockchain can create full transparency of all the materials used, and where they come from, to even how and where the individual yarns are produced: each part of the process becomes visible. The brands behind in their sustainable transition will become visible, criticized, and perhaps even fined if laws are tightened.
Behavior: the last transition needed is our buying behavior, which we all hold power to change. On average each garment will be worn seven times before getting tossed (WSJ 2019). We can all buy fewer clothes and wear and treasure them for many years. This last change has to come from within; technology cannot change this.

WeAr: What represents your greatest challenge moving forward, and could you depict the design of tomorrow?

My greatest challenge is to keep on evolving, meaning creatively and evolving my vision. This has always been my greatest challenge as fashion creates a dialogue between our insides and our outsides.Both art and fashion are linked to our deepest desires, moods, and most personal expressions. Each collection we make is a search to reach beyond my understanding of female form and today’s definition of a garment. My greatest challenge is this continuous exploration of new forms of identity and a more conscious approach to fashion for the future.
We spoke about the brokenness of fashion’s system; on a contrary note, I have to talk about the positive transition the fashion community is going through. It has become so much more intellectual, inclusive, and conscious in recent years. Even the fashion press goes beyond the superficial and expresses politics, sustainability, and inclusivity. Fashion’s intellectual community is growing, and the young designers start from a very different perspective, wanting to do it differently, and looking for a new system of creativity. Being part of this new perspective, and steering it, is what is most important to me.

JOOR & Premium Group continue partnership with first fully hybrid trade show for SS23 in Berlin

JOOR & Premium Group continue partnership with first fully hybrid trade show for SS23 in Berlin

JOOR, the leading digital wholesale platform and data exchange, and Premium Group, Europe’s foremost provider of B2B fashion trade shows, have renewed their partnership to power the SS23 PREMIUM and SEEK trade shows through JOOR’s digital platform, underpinning their belief in the power of a hybrid approach to wholesale.

From the 7th to the 9th of July, buyers visiting the shows in Berlin will be able to learn more about and shop from exhibitors in a new hybrid way. Buyers can discover the full PREMIUM and SEEK portfolio of brands both in-person and online 24/7 by visiting JOOR Passport, JOOR’s digital trade show destination.

Premium Group unites its various show locations to one cosmos for SS23 at Messe Berlin, in the west of the capital. The PREMIUM and SEEK shows will be joined by two further components—The Ground is a D2C creative platform for brands and consumers to meet, connect, and collaborate through one-of-a-kind experiences, engaging content, and innovative products, while FASHIONTECH, features masterclasses and panel discussions from the fashion industry’s most brilliant minds. A calendar of content includes deep dives into strong, successful, and sustainable strategies. As part of the content offer, JOOR will facilitate a masterclass on ‘Digital Wholesale’ and a future-looking roundtable discussion with four leading fashion brands on the FASHIONTECH stage.

Throughout the duration of the show, in-person buyers and visitors will have the ability to shop via the Premium Group mobile app. By simply scanning a brand’s corresponding QR code, visitors will link to the brand’s custom profile on JOOR Passport and be able to shop collections directly on the platform. JOOR Passport will also extend the duration of the shows by up to three months, allowing brands to continue wholesale selling digitally outside the window of the physical show.

JOOR and Premium Group’s flexible hybrid format allows visitors and brands a seamless digital and physical introduction to each other and their collections, the opportunity to connect in an efficient, effective, and longer term way, and the convenience to shop the show 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.


FASHN ROOMS opens additional(s) rooms

FASHN ROOMS opens additional(s) rooms

Düsseldorf: FASHION, ADDITIONALS & GREEN ROOM will be presented under one roof.

Ways out of uniformity towards more diversity and the perfect mix of product, emotion and experience will be offered by the Düsseldorf order show FASHN ROOMS, held from 23 to 25 July 2022. FASHN ROOMS is known for its high-quality selection of German and international brands from the fashion, footwear and accessories segments. Introducing the “ADDITIONALS” area FASHN ROOMS now open up new scope for complementary beauty and lifestyle products in the truest sense of the word. “The mix of fashion and beauty is perfect. We bring together what belongs together. And all of this in an inspiring venue,” says Igedo Company CEO Ulrike Kähler

In Addition, GREEN ROOM will offer SustainabIlity with ambition. More and more people want to be sure that retailers and manufacturers offer products that look good and comply with high ecological and social standards at the same time. For this type of shopper sustainability is a must-have rather than nice-to-have. In other words: sustainability is taken as a given. Fairness and eco-friendliness are reflected in both their daily lifestyle and their favourite looks. “We have observed for some time now that the interest in fair-production fashion continues to rise while good design and sustainable values are by no means mutually exclusive. On the contrary,” says a convinced Ulrike Kähler. FASHN ROOMS responds to this development with an innovative concept integrated into the existing, successful order platform: “With the new segment GREEN ROOM we offer retailers the unique opportunity to extend their ranges to include sustainable, fair fashion in a targeted manner. And all of this in one place. Both at the order show and at their own stores.”

AlphaTauri & Deutsche Telekom Installation at Milan Design Week 2022AlphaTauri & Deutsche Telekom Installation at Milan Design Week 2022

AlphaTauri & Deutsche Telekom Installation at Milan Design Week 2022

This year for the first time AlphaTauri will attend Milan Design Week. Together with collaboration partner Deutsche Telekom the immersive CHROMOSATURATION installation was created and can be experienced as part of Interni’s “Design Re-Generation” in the Cortile d’Onore of the Milan Università degli Studi. The installation is inspired by the co-developed Heatable Capsule Collection (HCC), a series of heatable smart fashion garments.

CHROMOSATURATION is a walk-in installation. It consists of two colour chambers – one red and one blue – and allows visitors to immerse themselves in a completely monochrome environment. This is a highly unusual experience for the retina which is accustomed to seeing a wide range of colours simultaneously. CHROMOSATURATION can trigger a variety of associations in the participant; it can give colour a semblance of materiality or plasticity, or create a physical sense.

This effect is reminiscent of the products co-developed by AlphaTauri and Deutsche Telekom – the Heatable Capsule Collection. This smart fashion series consists of heatable garments; trench coats for men and women and a unisex commuter jacket.

The Milan Design Week is the perfect opportunity to experience our co-innovation with Deutsche Telekom in a new context,” explains Ahmet Mercan (CEO AlphaTauri). “We decided to present at the legendary Milan Design Week because the event offers the perfect backdrop for our innovations in the overlap of technology, culture and trend. Our HCC 2.0 can be experienced interactively before the official launch in autumn and show its full potential!” says Antje Hundhausen, Vice President Brand Experience Deutsche Telekom/ Founder “Telekom Fashion Fusion”.

NBA x Tommy Hilfiger: New capsule collection

NBA x Tommy Hilfiger: New capsule collection

Tommy Hilfiger has presented the new TOMMY JEANS collection in partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Capsule Collection celebrates basketball as part of American street culture with its local and diverse communities. It ties in with the roots of the Tommy Hilfiger brand in American street style and revives the 90s.

Inspired by basketball, the collection features casual cuts with NBA team logos printed all over. The soft hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts and shorts can be combined with each other. Matching the fashion classics, there are varsity jackets and jeans for women. An absolute must for basketball and streetwear fans.

The TOMMY JEANS and NBA Capsule Collection is embedded in the global TOMMY JEANS Spring 2022 campaign “Play to Progress”. The campaign celebrates the power of individual creativity to grow societies.

Viola Davis, recipient of the 2022 Women in Motion Award

Viola Davis, recipient of the 2022 Women in Motion Award

The official dinner of Women In Motion, Kering’s program to highlight the invaluable contribution of women to the 7th art, took place Sunday, May 22, 2022, in Place de la Castre in the heights of Cannes, around a menu conceived by the starred chef of the Gucci Osteria, Karime Lopez.

On this occasion, François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of Kering and Thierry Frémaux, General Delegate of the Festival de Cannes, presented the eighth Women In Motion Award to American actress and producer Viola Davis, who delivered a powerful speech, in the presence of the members of the Festival Jury. The Young Talent Award was given to Swedish director Ninja Thyberg.

Kering’s commitment to women is at the heart of the Group’s priorities and extends, through Women In Motion, to the field of arts and culture, where gender inequalities are still glaring, even though creation is one of the most powerful vectors for change.

In 2015, Kering launched Women In Motion at the Festival de Cannes with the ambition of highlighting women in cinema, both in front of and behind the camera. The program has since expanded in a major way to photography, but also to art, design, choreography and music. Through its Awards, the program recognizes inspirational figures and young female talent, while its Talks provide an opportunity for leading personalities to share their views on the representation of women in their profession.

For the past eight years, Women In Motion has been a platform of choice that contributes to changing mind sets and thinking on the place of women – and the recognition they receive – in the arts and culture.