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Fashion the Game is the quiz app which stimulates your inner fashion genius.

Do you love fashion? Is it your passion? Take this ultimate quiz to test just how good your fashion knowledge is!

- 3 levels
- answer the questions correctly
- use jokers if you are not sure
- get to gold level
- score the highest points
- register in the global ranking
- win an amazing price

Learn all about fashion in the categories of: fashion history, textile knowledge, fashion knowledge and trends. Within these 4 categories there are 3 levels of difficulty: bronze, silver and gold.

You will begin the game in the bronze level which consists of the easiest questions. Proceeding, the questions become harder as the levels increase. Each question has 4 multiple choice answers you can choose from. You get 15 seconds to select your chosen answer. The question mark is your countdown.

You must select your answer before the question mark stops blinking or else you have immediately lost the session and must start again. If you answer correctly, you automatically go on to the next question.

There are 3 joker options for when you are absolutely unsure about answer:

1) Skip the question and move on to the next one
2) Research: you get 1 minute to research the answer on google
3) Ask the Guru: the Guru will tell you the right answer

With each correctly answered question you will score points. There are 10 bronze questions worth 1 point each, 20 silver questions worth 2 points and the remaining gold level questions, which are the hardest ones, are worth 3 points each.

At the gold level you can collect the most points. You continue to gain points until you either answered all questions correctly and collected the highest score possible or until you answered a question incorrectly and are brought back to the beginning of the session.

You can also for a small fee buy more questions or jokers. If you are sure you are a fashion genius and get the highest Fashion the Game score of all times- then register for our international ranking and enter the prize draw!

Now bring out your inner fashionista and enjoy.

Fashion the Game

v 1.0.0

by Edelweiss Media GmbH

A game developed by Edelweiss Media GmbH and published by Edelweiss Media GmbH.

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Executive Producer
Klaus Vogel

Shamin Vogel

von Suden
Josephine Raneses

Jesse Wayne Brown

Francheska Liberman
Amelie Mareike Scharffetter
Shamin Vogel