Showtime: Berlin!

Welcome to this season's edition of our online WeAr Buyer's Guide during Berlin Fashion Week.

As always we want to present you the best events, restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels, alongside some trend articles to make your buying decisions easier.

During the shows our team will give you live updates of what is happening at the show, show you the who is who, the most creative booth designs and insight into the shows.

In terms of trends our team has spotted floral prints for men and women as well as a domination of orange, blue and grey.

Do not miss out on #FashionTech to update your digital knowledge happening the 4th of July at Kraftwerk, organised by the Premium Group.

Please do not hesitate to visit us at our booth at Premium (Hall 3) or Panorama Berlin (Nova Hall 9), and we are happy to answer you any question you might have.

Do also enquire about our exclusive WeAr Buyers Club.

As always, we are open to any suggestions you might have - just email our editorial director Shamin: sv@wear-magazine.com

Happy Berlin Fashion Week,

Klaus Vogel

Editor & Publisher

VOICES Premium

Rishi Vasudev & Amar Nagaram


Unique challenges lead to unique solutions. Inspire. Entertain. Educate. Assist. These are the phases of the shopping journey to get the costumer coming back.

VOICES Premium

Thomas Schulz

Der Spiegel

A.I. is the biggest thing happening right now. Even bigger than we think. Optimism and frontier thinking is something in California that we lack here [in Europe].

VOICES #FashionTech

Leyla Piedayesh

Human creativity can’t be replaced by artificial intelligence.

VOICES #FashionTech

Steve Lidbury

Experience is memorable. People remember experiences more than buying a product.

VOICES #FashionTech

Michael Kliger

Be mobile first. And then mobile only. Excite. Inspire. Don’t let the customer down.

VOICES #FashionTech

Martin Wild

We are just at the beginning of the digital transformation.

VOICES #FashionTech

Karl Wehner

It’s important how brands reach the customer.
Alipay is the number 1 online and mobile payment in the world.

VOICES #FashionTech
Good Growth

James Hammersley

About 15 % of costumers come with the intention to buy.

VOICES #FashionTech
Plug and Play

Robin Ardeshir

Fast fashion is a hot topic in fashion and needs to be seen as an opportunity to remain relevant.
Pay attention to technologies from other industries to get extreme opportunities.


Yannick Urquijo

Sales Manager

Loreak is a new brand, but the company that owns it has been running for 20 years so we have a vast expertise. We aim to be the  entry level price brand that sits next to labels like Acne.
Our inspiration comes from travelling – we are not from a big city but  from a smaller town in the Basque country, so we are looking at fashion from a distance. Our approach to clothing is very practical: in Basque country it rains a lot so we need lots of raincoats! We have several line in the collection. Black Label is the premium line, made from the best Italian fabrics and produced in Portugal, boasting excellent quality. This season, one of key items: a waterproof mackintosh made from a British fabric used by brands such as Barbour and Mackintosh that retails at 350 Euros – a great price for the quality.
Dot is a permanent collection of simple minimal classics with a dot detail on the front. It never goes on sale and is always available for reorders.
Friendly is an interseason range featuring a smiley face. It delivers in November when you desperately need some colour; it’s basically winter clothes with a summer aesthetic.

We show in Berlin to support the German market, which has been a key market for the company behind Loreak for many years.

VOICES Premium

Thorsten Stiebing

Managing Brand Director

This season, as always, has two collections: Joop! and Joop Jeans. The former is about business and smart casual, the latter is more informal. The main theme of the season is the taste of life: the Joop! man is enjoying his life to the full, eating well and partying. Colours are inspired by delicious drinks such as lemonade and strawberry daiquiri, and prints on shirts and ties feature pineapples and apples.  Mix and match and split suits continue to be important: customers can buy jackets and trousers separately. The inner life of the jackets is important: the lining on some of them features the Angelico label, referring to one of the finest fabric producers who made the label.
The ‘Wash and Wear’ is another important suiting group: suits that are machine washable. And the 4-ply suits do not crease – great for people who are likely to go to a meeting straight after a 20 hour flight. The ‘Traveller’ suits line is half lined for the first time, made of stretch wool and featuring an inside pocket.
The Joop Jeans collection has a super summery feel inspired by surfing, with juicy colours and retro logos. ‘Spectrum’ is a capsule within it that is built around 4 bright colours incorporated – red, green, yellow and blue.`

Why Premium? Fairs are a good way to transmit emotions and that’s what we are doing with our work.

VOICES Premium

Michael Stracke

Chief Business Development Officer

What we would like to convey to companies is that nowadays every organisation to be able to compete has to become a technology company. Aside the transformation to technology base it is especially about a change in the culture of the enterprise. Today, one has to be faster than the competition and mistakes are the feedback to success.

VOICES Premium

Anita Tillmann

CEO Premium Group

Anita Tillmann, CEO and Founder Premium Group and organizer of #FashionTech Berlin opened the conference.

VOICES Premium

#FashionTech Berlin has had its most successful edition yet. For the 8th time, the conference has joined representatives from fashion and tech to discuss the latest developments in both areas. Speakers included amongst others Robin Ardeshir, VP Europe Plug & Play, Karl Wehner, MD DACH, CH, Turkey Eastern Europe Alibaba, Martin Wild, CIO MediaMarktSaturn  and Michael Kliger, CEO mytheresa.com

VOICES Premium
Liebeskind Berlin

The SS19 collection is entitled ‘Blow My Mind’ and dedicated to the Berlin girl who often wants to escape the hectic rhythms of her work life – by going clubbing in Berlin’s famous Berghain, for instance – but always needs to come back to her career. The collection has three parts: Blow my mind, Vertigo and Landing.  The first two are darker and dreamier and comprise looks suitable for extravagant nightlife, and the last one is about daily work life.

VOICES Premium

Michael Michalsky & Anita Tillmann

Anita and Michael – 2 fashion pros at Premium.

WeAr @ PremiumWeAr @ Premium
VOICES Premium
WeAr Magazine

WeAr @ Premium

Come treat yourself to a drink at the WeAr outside bar.

Style shootsStyle shoots
VOICES Panorama

Style shoots

Panorama Hall 6 is all about shop interiors, digital shop equipment and shop software.

VOICES Panorama

Quintet, a software system provider for showrooms, presentation of digital products in pre-order.

Streetstyle @ PremiumStreetstyle @ PremiumStreetstyle @ PremiumStreetstyle @ PremiumStreetstyle @ PremiumStreetstyle @ PremiumStreetstyle @ PremiumStreetstyle @ Premium
VOICES Premium

Streetstyle @ Premium

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Thomas Bungardt


Three years ago, we changed our distribution strategy to focus on shop-in-shop partnerships. It’s most important to us in which stylistic world we show and sell, and wouldn’t look very credible  if we kept on talking about how much we care about authenticity and creating a particular universe, yet showed in the most commercial fair that we used to participate in before. So, we stopped showing in Berlin for a few seasons and concentrated on working with local showrooms. Then, four weeks ago, we got a phone call from Premium saying they really wanted us in the show. We figured we didn’t want a real booth but could instead create  a small space that would be used more like a place for communications than a sales spot. Frankly, most people know Lieblingsstuck anyway – we have over 120 retail partners, and could have many more if we weren’t so particular! – but it’s great to have a small stand to spread our vibes and create conversations.
We have 12 deliveries per year, and we are currently selling the December, January and February drops, but we decided to showcase only items from the January delivery group here at Premium.
It’s a very colourful and happy line, celebrating life and love: having a heart is the most important thing to us.

VOICES Premium

Ulrike Harms

Managing Director

“Contemporary, athletic luxury”