End of an era: PREMIUM Berlin closes its doors

End of an era: PREMIUM Berlin closes its doors

The format PREMIUM Berlin, which has been a success story in the fashion and lifestyle industry for many years, will not take place in January 2024. Its past success as a benchmark, the critical developments in the industry, and the changed global economic situation are presenting big trade fair formats with a new dimension of challenges.

Since being launched in 2003 PREMIUM, has shown that its original concepts and approaches were ground-breaking and therefore shaped the fashion world. The management team led by Anita Tillmann and Jörg Arntz recognised the ever-changing challenges within the industry and paved the way for SEEK, which was launched in 2009.

SEEK, which has focussed on its core segment in recent years and serves the streetwear segment, will continue its mission. The platform has not only established itself for forward-thinking brands, but is also the proud organiser of the “Conscious Club”, the largest hub on the topic of sustainability in the industry. Here, visitors and exhibitors will not only find the most important trends and ideas in the field of sustainability, but also the most exciting new collections from the pioneers who are responsible for the positive changes. Around 200 brands are expected again in January. With this, Berlin will continue to be a place where new trends are set, creative collaborations are formed, and business is done.

With a clear focus on product quality, community building and strong values such as honesty, creativity, and resilience, SEEK is able to meet the needs of its target audience. So far, the feedback from the committed brands has been consistently positive. 


Anita Tillmann: “PREMIUM was more than just a trade show. In 21 years, we have achieved a great deal, have been the stage for an incredible number of success stories in the industry and united the whole world to Berlin. In the process, we have become corporate and creative consultants, conference organisers, publishers, tech experts and retailers, established the first Fashion Week in Germany and entertained the entire industry. We have launched young talent awards, and during the years, we have seen many big players come and go. We have made friends and learnt so much, for which I am very grateful. But we are also entrepreneurs, and no concept lasts forever. Two decades is a long time, during which PREMIUM has absolutely outperformed against all odds.”

Jörg Arntz: “Our flexibility and creativity allow us to react dynamically to changes and always offer innovative solutions. Together, we strive to continue to set standards in our industry while having a positive impact on the community. Our shareholder Clarion is the fourth largest trade fair and event organiser in the world and relies on the SEEK concept, which generated better results in direct comparison to PREMIUM last summer. The SEEK generation presents the future. With joined forces with our partners, we are ready to face the current challenges, and find solutions together, now and in the future.”