Transnomadica partners with Parks CaliforniaTransnomadica partners with Parks CaliforniaTransnomadica partners with Parks California

Transnomadica partners with Parks California

Transnomadica, a project by Maurizio Donadi rooted in an archive of vintage objects and apparel, announced its partnership with Parks California, a nonprofit organization and California State Parks’ official statutory partner.

Under this collaboration with Parks California, Transnomadica has secured the unique global license of Parks California branding for use on secondhand and vintage products. A significant percentage of all sales will be donated to Parks California to support its work of ensuring that California’s 280 state parks are welcoming, inclusive and climate-resilient spaces where all can truly thrive for generations to come.

Transnomadica’s first-ever collection for Parks California, called “Return to Nature,” will feature vintage one-of-a-kind, restored and customized t-shirts, sweatshirts, outerwear and accessories. The collection will debut on September 14, 2023, at a special event held at Ron Herman, the influential Los Angeles-based retail innovator known for introducing the shop-in-shop concept. This curated collection of vintage apparel embodies Transnomadica’s aspiration to transform excess and leftover textiles and goods for purposeful experimentation and redesign.

“Parks are an integral part of California’s identity. They are natural treasures, historical records of our people and living reminders of our global reputation as leading environmental stewards,” said Maurizio Donadi. “My personal mission and that of Transnomadica is to inspire and develop methods for creative waste reduction through recycling and restoring vintage and textile products of value. These activities aim to question – and hopefully improve – the way we relate to our natural environment and guide us to live in symphony with nature.”

“We’re excited to launch our partnership with Transnomadica and introduce the new collection, “Return to Nature,” for the first time in the U.S.,” said Kindley Walsh Lawlor, President and CEO of Parks California. “As the official nonprofit partner to California State Parks, we are working to ensure everyone can experience the wonders of nature, while helping to adapt and innovate state parks so they are relevant, thriving spaces for generations to come. We are grateful to Maurizio and the Transnomadica team for helping us connect community to the outdoors and for supporting our efforts to
reimagine parks for the future.”