part of WeAr Magazine #65

To give denim a boost and create excitement directed at designers, influencers, and retailers, as part of the season opener issue 65, WeAr published Denim Legend Part II, sponsored by Artistic Milliners and Denham. Integrated into the printed issue with a flip cover, this special edition caters to everything the denim afficionado’s heart desires.

Denim Legends Part II – content

This special creates a follow-up on the original Denim Legends book and the universe of denim from 2005 until 2020.

Detailed images of the products printed on different paper-quality inlets, WeAr magazine showcases again the most exciting pieces of denim in a way that readers can almost touch them in a Lookbook including the following categories:

Core Denim (e.g. Levis), Premium Denim (e.g. Denham), L.A. Denim (e.g. J Brand), sustainable denim ( e.g. Atelier & Repair ), Couture Denim (e.g. Balmain).

The top 100 of the most influential people of the denim world are presented.

An outlook on the future of denim through a roundtable of the advisory board, consisting of top shakers, influencers and movers gives denim the push it deserves as the one item never going out of style.


NOTE: Denim legends Part II is included in WeAr issue 65. Ordering it will give you both, WeAr issue 65 and Denim Legends Part II.

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