Date Change: Pitti Uomo

Date Change: Pitti Uomo

After an Italian government announcement setting a date for possible trade shows, Pitti will hold its physical shows in July, with the exact dates yet to be confirmed.

Pitti Uomo, originally to be held mid-June was scheduled to be amongst the first fashion trade shows to hold a physical event after 2 seasons of digital-only events. As a leading menswear trade show, it was meant to be a meet-and-greet for the industry after the international lockdowns.


Kingpins Show goes digital with Kingpins24

Kingpins Show goes digital with Kingpins24

Kingpins Show goes digital with Kingpins24, featuring a variety of On-Demand and Live-Streamed content: Product Updates, Trend Info, Factory Tours, Live Conversations and Panels exploring New Technology, Innovations and much more.

We’re excited to be presenting WeAr Magazine’s *Past, Present & Future of Denim* on the The Kingpins Show KINGPINS24 Platform today (Tuesday, 20th of April at 1:40pm (EU) time).

Registert to tune in!

Adidas releases sneaker made from vegan mushroom mycelium material

Adidas releases sneaker made from vegan mushroom mycelium material

Adidas has unveiled its newest addition to its vegan shoe range: Stan Smith sneakers made in collaboration with US-based biotechnology company Bolt Threads, responsible for developing the mycelium material.

Mylo is a material created using the underground roots of mushrooms (mycelium), which has the look and feel of traditional animal-based leather. It is as soft and supple, yet a much more renewable alternative. Mycelium is a renewable fungal network that grows underground which looks and feels like soft leather.

The new mushroom-based Stan Smith includes a Mylo outer upper, perforated 3 stripes, heel tab overlay and premium branding, while the midsole of the shoe is made with natural rubber.


INCOTEX BLUE DIVISION: Incotex and Giada S.p.A. announce their partnershipINCOTEX BLUE DIVISION: Incotex and Giada S.p.A. announce their partnership

INCOTEX BLUE DIVISION: Incotex and Giada S.p.A. announce their partnership

Incotex and Giada S.p.A. have entered into a partnership for the launch of a new denim line: INCOTEX BLUE DIVISION.

With this partnership, the two companies intend to merge their respective skills to give life to a new vision and create new aesthetic codes for the high-end Denim universe. The agreement was designed to combine the resources of the two companies and unite their respective strengths. On the one hand, the expertise of Incotex, already a manufacturer of the best trousers in the world; on the other, Giada S.p.A., with its supreme technical expertise and manufacturing capacity in denim and five-pocket product.

Manufacturing capacity, quality and design are all values that perfectly embody the two companies and form a solid common foundation on which they will develop their partnership. As is already the case for all Incotex trousers, the ambition is to become the market reference also in the denim world.

The first collection will be for Spring-Summer 2022, and it will be offered to the B2B market starting in June 2021.

Louis Vuitton reveals new watch creations for Watches and Wonders 2021 event

Louis Vuitton reveals new watch creations for Watches and Wonders 2021 event

Faithful to its values of artisanal craftsmanship and innovation, Louis Vuitton has revealed new watch creations for the online Watches and Wonders 2021 event. The Tambour Carpe Diem features bold high-watchmaking virtuosity, while the Tambour Curve GMT Tourbillon Volant, another high-watchmaking timepiece, is an invitation to new horizons. And with the Tambour Street Diver, Louis Vuitton continues its horological journey into the unexpected.

The highlight of Watches and Wonders week, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Carpe Diem, caught everyone’s attention. This virtuoso timepiece is the fruit of two years of technical development at the Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton. It combines an exclusive high-watchmaking caliber with a Vanitas theme. This jacquemart (functional automaton) watch shows the time on-demand without using hands. Activating a push-piece in the shape of a serpent’s head brings to life a miniature tableau on the watch face. A lifelike rattlesnake slithers and its tail reveals the minutes. Monogram flowers appear in lieu of an eye in the skull showing the hour, while the  jaw opens and the poet Horace’s famous phrase Carpe Diem emerges.

“Our aim was to get off the beaten track,” explains Michel Navas, Master Watchmaker at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton. “We wanted to bring to the jacquemart our vision of the 21st century with all the energy and creativity characteristic of our brand since it began producing watches in 2002.”

The Tambour Carpe Diem includes additional watch complications as well: a jumping hour, a retrograde minute, a power reserve display and the mechanism of the automata. The LV 525 caliber was entirely developed and assembled at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton, and is currently the subject of several patent applications. Assembled in the shape of a skull, the caliber is visible on the back of this exceptional timepiece. Louis Vuitton called on artisans Anita Porchet for the enameling and Dick Steenman for the engraving, applying meticulous savoir-faire to create an audacious contemporary aesthetic.

Guess opens first German activewear pop-up store in Oberhausen

Guess opens first German activewear pop-up store in Oberhausen

Guess has opened its first German activewear pop-up store in Oberhausen.

The shop located in the Centro shopping centre is one of Guess’ first European activewear pop-up stores. Currently, customers are only to shop by appointment.

“Customers want comfort and quality materials, so we are very excited to see how they respond to this new line in the Guess portfolio. We are very proud of this collection and the new pop-up store will allow us to closely monitor how our activewear offering is doing on its own,” said Paul Marciano, Creative Director of Guess.

Saks Fifth Avenue is going fur-free

Saks Fifth Avenue is going fur-free

Saks Fifth Avenue is going fur-free, becoming the latest fashion seller to take animal-fur clothes and accessories off its shelves.

Tracy Margolies, Chief Merchandising Officer, Saks, said, “Across the Saks Fifth Avenue experience, we evaluate a number of factors when making decisions about our assortment, including customer preferences and societal shifts. We recognize that trends constantly evolve, and that the sale of fur remains a significant social issue. As such, eliminating it from our assortment is the right step for us to take at this time.”

With this decision, Saks Fifth Avenue will eliminate the sale of products made from animals that were raised for the use of their fur or those made with fur from wild animals. Shearling, goatskin, cattle hide, down, feathers, leather and faux fur products will continue to be sold online and in stores.

Yu Prize announces 2021 winner

Yu Prize announces 2021 winner

The inaugural Yu Prize, launched to support emerging Chinese designers, has named ChenPeng as the 2021 winner at a gala dinner held during Shanghai Fashion Week.

The debut YU PRIZE is a fashion-focused annual award and program, dedicated to celebrating and supporting the journeys of the most promising and pioneering Chinese fashion talents. 

Especially developed to align with Yu Holding’s continued mission to ‘cultivate creativity’, the YU PRIZE will provide critical support for the burgeoning fashion industry in China and a bridge between East and West with international exposure and collaboration.

The Prize scouts for designers, who are pioneering culture shapers and pushing creative boundaries to successfully translate their aesthetic and voice beyond clothing, commending talents whose contribution and impact goes beyond fashion in the conventional sense.

Marco Campomaggi publishes book: The Voice of NecessityMarco Campomaggi publishes book: The Voice of NecessityMarco Campomaggi publishes book: The Voice of Necessity

Marco Campomaggi publishes book: The Voice of Necessity

Campomaggi is the scent of leather, absolute protagonist of each collection, it is the ability of working hands, it is the old and noble art of craftsmanship.

Driven by the idea of creating bags and accessories that mirror his philosophy, Marco Campomaggi thinks, dreams and designs collections which combine the ancient art of treating leather with creativity, precision and painstaking care in craftsmanship.

Each Campomaggi bag tells a story. Accuracy, care, attention and dedication are fundamental ingredients when creating the first prototype of each new model: a very delicate phase, the first step in transforming an idea into something tangible.

In a market dominated by brands, where everything is impalpable, digitised and elusive, Marco Campomaggi brings people, their identity and history back to the centre by making a precise choice that may seem almost anachronistic or perhaps romantic: to tell his own story. To write a book.

A book unhinges the pages of Google, the hasty likes of Instagram. A book takes those who hold it in their hands back to a dimension of re-appropriation and listening, of respect, care and conversation. All values that Campomaggi has always tried to convey through the product and its creation, which always passes through the hands of people.

The Campomaggi book “The Voice of Necessity” is available at all of the brand’s dealers. So that all those who are about to leaf through it can understand how Campomaggi bags are not just bags, but unique accessories full of history and passion.

I started from nothing. It’s a catch phrase, but in my case it’s also the truth. All my equipment fitted in a shoe box: scissors, pinceres for holes and a few picks. My story comes from inexperience. I knew nothing about leather or fashion and i didn’t know anybody who did this job. But I wanted to find new solutions.  Convincing the costumer was the most challenging tests I’ve ever faced. Because I use to sell on the pavement under a street light on the stand in Cesenatico. I learnt so many things, people made their observations, gave advice. The fact that someone would purchase my bags seemed some kind of a miracle. If someone chooses something I have made, it is as if they are choosing me among the many who do the same thing.” – Marco Campomaggi

The LYCRA Company and ITOCHU Corporation introduce the first  COOLMAX and THERMOLITE EcoMade fibres made from 100% textile wasteThe LYCRA Company and ITOCHU Corporation introduce the first  COOLMAX and THERMOLITE EcoMade fibres made from 100% textile waste

The LYCRA Company and ITOCHU Corporation introduce the first COOLMAX and THERMOLITE EcoMade fibres made from 100% textile waste

The LYCRA Company has announced the launch of its first performance offering made from 100% textile waste. COOLMAX and THERMOLITE EcoMade fibres made from textile waste are the result of a strategic collaboration between The LYCRA Company and ITOCHU Corporation, a trading company focused on consumer-related sectors such as textiles. The new fibre offerings combine the brand equity and performance attributes of these leading cooling and thermal brands with the sustainability benefits of textile waste. In doing so, they help meet an important need in the industry.

“We are pleased to announce our collaboration with ITOCHU. It helps us address the issue of textile waste, which is a major sustainability challenge as every second the equivalent of a rubbish truck full of textiles ends up in landfills or is incinerated1,” says Julien Born, Chief Commercial Officer The LYCRA Company. “This collaboration exemplifies the synergistic approach we are taking to develop products and technologies that support a more sustainable future for our large global customer base.” This is the first of several innovations The LYCRA Company is working on in the area of textile and apparel recycling. Laying the foundation for a more circular future is one of the main goals of The LYCRA Company’s Planet Agenda sustainability platform.