DVF launches ‘ReWrap’ Resale Program

DVF launches ‘ReWrap’ Resale Program

ReWrap offers a search feature called ‘Missed Connections’ that enables the DVF community to connect personally as they search for specific pieces to add to their collection. The section includes a ‘Diane in Search Of’ list where the designer puts out a call for the pieces she wants to add to her own closet, including items from the 2014 Andy Warhol print collection. 

The aim is to encourage potential sellers to come back often to see if they might have an in-demand item hanging in their own closet.

“Designed to be the best friend in your closet, DVF styles are the ones you reach for again and again. But everyone likes to freshen their collection sometimes – so why not let your DVF pieces live the multiple lives they were made for? 50 years after the brand was born, our styles remain timeless, proving design that puts the woman first thrives in every decade”

Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty exhibition at The MetKarl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty exhibition at The Met

Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty exhibition at The Met

With the Met Gala that took place this week, the 2023 theme ‘Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty’ honoured the long-time Chanel artistic director following his death in 2019.

Following this, The Costume Institute’s spring 2023 exhibition, taking place from May 5th until July 16th, 2023 will examine the work of Karl Lagerfeld (1933–2019). Focusing on the designer’s stylistic vocabulary as expressed in aesthetic themes that appear time and again in his fashions from the 1950s to his final collection in 2019, the show will spotlight the German-born designer’s unique working methodology. Most of the approximately 150 pieces on display will be accompanied by Lagerfeld’s sketches, which underscore his complex creative process and the collaborative relationships with his premières, or head seamstresses. Lagerfeld’s fluid lines united his designs for Balmain, Patou, Chloé, Fendi, Chanel, and his eponymous label, Karl Lagerfeld, creating a diverse and prolific body of work unparalleled in the history of fashion.

LVMH Innovation Award winners

LVMH Innovation Award winners

In June 2022, Sojin Lee, CEO and founder of the startup TOSHI, won the LVMH Innovation Award grand prize. The award was presented by LVMH Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bernard Arnault during a ceremony at the VivaTech show in Paris.

The new series The Journey takes viewers behind the scenes of a startup, from setbacks to successes, including how it came to engage with LVMH. In the first episode, RIMOWA Global e-commerce & CRM Director Julien Morel, talks about the impact of this successful partnership, which redefines the delivery experience for a Maison that is always avid for innovation and ways to elevate service for customers. TOSHI is now on an accelerated development track as part of the LVMH incubator, Maison des Startups. It has already rolled out its solution for several other LVMH Maisons, including Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton and Fendi.

The latest episode in the series features an inside look at BAMBUSER, a Swedish startup founded in 2007 whose amazing livestream solution lets Maisons totally revolutionize their online shopping experience. Watch it here

Jil Sander names new CEO

Jil Sander names new CEO

Jil Sander has announced the appointment of Luca Lo Curzio as the brand’s new chief executive officer, coming into effect on June 1st, 2023.

Lo Curzio will report directly to the CEO of Jil Sander’s parent company OTB Group, Ubaldo Minelli, who had previously held the position of the brand’s head after it was acquired by OTB in April 2021.

The ‘House of JOOP!’ new mono-brand storeThe ‘House of JOOP!’ new mono-brand storeThe ‘House of JOOP!’ new mono-brand storeThe ‘House of JOOP!’ new mono-brand storeThe ‘House of JOOP!’ new mono-brand storeThe ‘House of JOOP!’ new mono-brand store

The ‘House of JOOP!’ new mono-brand store

In a prime location in the old town of Konstanz, JOOP! on April 20th, 2023 opened its new mono-brand store: The ‘House of JOOP!’. The spacious sales area is divided into three individual, harmoniously coordinated areas. In the inviting white entrance zone, JOOP! Bags and Accessories are displayed on a separate bag wall. The central area is the heart of the store as a meeting zone. This area is covered from the floor to the walls to the ceiling in the characteristic dark JOOP! blue. In the rear area, which is as spacious and bright as possible, are the JOOP! menswear and womenswear collections as well as JOOP! Living.

Digitization also plays a key role in the design of the store. The digital, energy-saving lighting design with electrified rail systems is state of the art and an LED wall in the rear area of ​​the store shows the current JOOP! campaign videos.

Avant Toi exhibition – Rainbow: Colors and wonders between myths, arts and sciencesAvant Toi exhibition – Rainbow: Colors and wonders between myths, arts and sciencesAvant Toi exhibition – Rainbow: Colors and wonders between myths, arts and sciencesAvant Toi exhibition – Rainbow: Colors and wonders between myths, arts and sciences

Avant Toi exhibition – Rainbow: Colors and wonders between myths, arts and sciences

Avant Toi’s latest ‘Rainbow: Colors and wonders between myths, arts and sciences’ exhibition, in Milan at MUDEC will take place until July 2nd 2023.

This collaboration expands during the Milan Design Week this month with a special exhibit curated by AVANT TOI inside MUDEC, in which the new 2024 Home collection and unique knitwear pieces are presented with innovative installations, together with a special work of art by Mirko Ghignone, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of AVANT TOI, as a tribute to the exhibition. The brand’s collaboration also expands with live workshops: on April 20th, Mirko Ghignone, held a live action painting performance unveiling the techniques and behind the scenes creation of AVANT TOI collections.

AVANT TOI’s partnership made possible the reprinting of ‘The Rainbow Book’ the catalog of the historic exhibition “The Rainbow Show” staged in 1975 in San Francisco.

A new KnIT piece by Marc CainA new KnIT piece by Marc Cain

A new KnIT piece by Marc Cain

For the 2023 winter season, Marc Cain presents the Marc Cain new KnIT. The knitted coat captivates with the combination of cables and the playful detail of the two-colour knitted fringes on the arm and collar. These actually provide a special contrast to the cables. By underlaying with beige, the whole knitted structure looks very visible and vivid; at the same time this process provides really stability. The plaits between create a tension lending the look’s lightness.

The coat is made from fluffy wool/alpaca/polyamide blend, the wool is mulling free. The polyamide is not used to save natural fibres, rather is it what makes the yarn construction possible in the first place and thus also the lightness and fairness of the knitted fabric. At the very end the coat is washed very gently and dried in a tumble dryer with little heat, which gives it the unique fabric appearance and perfect quality.

The highlight piece will be available in the Marc Cain online store and in-stores from September.

The 37th edition of Milano Unica coming up in July 2023

The 37th edition of Milano Unica coming up in July 2023

The next edition of Milano Unica will be held on July 11, 12 and 13 at Rho Fieramilano showcasing the Fall/Winter 2024-25 collections.

The 37th edition of Milano Unica features some important novelties:

Different exhibition halls: only for the next edition, Milano Unica will be held in halls 1-3, 2-4, near the Porta Est of Fiera Milano, very close to the subway station. This change is due to the renovation works of the Halls (8/12/16/20) that traditionally host the Show. It is expected that the show will return to the usual halls with the January 2024 edition.

The new setup project: the booths will be restyled with textured and contemporary materials that recall the fabrics. The new concept will be extended uniformly to all the booths of the 37th edition. This is a way to express the MU Community concept, presented on March 9 to anticipate the creative references of the Fall/Winter 2024-25 season, representing another step towards the expression of the value of sustainable creativity. The pre-fitted panels allow waste reduction and reuse in future editions. The new halls of the trade show will give great visibility to the MU Community, which will accompany visitors on the journey through the uncontaminated places of its three themes MU Family, MU Culture and MU Night, expressing the longing for sharing and search for collective well-being, which is becoming increasingly inseparable from individual well-being.

Solidarity Selvedge: Denim with a cause

Solidarity Selvedge: Denim with a cause

The Solidarity Selvedge project is a Turkish-Dutch collaboration with an aim to set up an exchange program that connects the disaster-stricken Turkish textile community with Amsterdam’s denim network.

“Following the disastrous earthquake in Anatolia, our first concern was to help people with food, shelter and medicine. However, as our scope turns to repair and rebuild, we wondered how we could show our solidarity on a longer term.”

House of Denim Foundation, Denim City, Jean School and Denim Deal partners have come together to establish Solidarity Selvedge to help collect donations for Turkey and Syria earthquake victims These regions have been the heart of textile production and denim fabric manufacture for decades.

The project aims to raise funds for an annual exchange program that brings together textile students from the earthquake area with students from Jean School and the House of Denim Incubator program. House of Denim will host the group of Turkish students at Denim City Amsterdam and provide a tailor
made program.

In close collaboration with all partners, a limited series of selvedge jeans were created, which will be sold to raise money for funding the exchange. Jean School students designed the fit and House of Denim incubator talents created a unique ‘Richter Scale Tremor’ design, which is disguised as a stitching in the back pocket.

“This subtle, yet iconic design refers both to the earthquake’s tremor and to a heartbeat, symbolizing. the impact we hope to make with this new connection.”
After the immediate emergency, we should focus on rebuilding the youth perspective: shaping a future, keeping hope, and developing a career in the denim industry. Together with locale textile & fashion academies, the Kingpins & House of denim community, and the Denim Deal’s NL-Tur industry partnership, we will set up an education & exchange program to connect young makers from Turkey and their contemporaries in Amsterdam.

All proceeds from the Solidarity Selvedge project will be used towards the exchange & education program for young professionals.

Denim Days – The Market event: coming up this week in Amsterdam

Denim Days – The Market event: coming up this week in Amsterdam

Denim Days – The Market will be starting in just 2 days in Amsterdam, taking place on 14th and 15th of April 2023. As always the focus is on (international) unique brands, designers and hidden gems which stand out from the rest.

Aside from exhibitors, both days will see an array of Denim talks and a workshop by Sashikodenim.

Since 2014, each year Amsterdam turns blue and forms the centre of attention for all those with an indigo heart. Denim Days brings together the community and consumers, addicts and fanatics, brands and buyers, to celebrate its unique denim passion.